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Sardine Restorant ,Kerobookan , Bali . (story from our frend )

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Helo guys , how are you today ? i hope all is well  . today i will give some info about culinary in bali , but this story its from our from Bali . he is stay in bali  ,so he want give some info and share what he fell when have dinner at this place .

ok check it out !!

See you soon

Klik Here For Sardine Restourant (Info)

Tourist Places Must visit when in Singapore

Friday, October 18, 2013

hello all?? how are you today?
I hope we are all in good health.
anyway, after this blog back on to post again, this time I will post a must visit when in singapore.
but first check out my last post Gua Jatijajar ,Java,Indonesia,
ok let's get straight to the topic of the talk.
For those of you looking to travel to Singapore and confused to find tourist attractions in Singapore that want to target. So this time Mint Portal will share some locations dikatan attractions that can be required to visit when you are in singapore. What are some of the tourist attractions, see below:

1. Esplanade and the Merlion statue

This place is very mandatory dalah place visit if you are traveling in Singapore . Merlion statue which is very synonymous symbol of Singapore and became an icon of the country . Every tourist who comes to Singapore seems not forget to capture the moment with camera shots in this place . In the opposite direction of the building there is a statue of Merlion Esplanade , which is often called the building a fly's eye or durian . If someone went Singapore without any documentation in the same place does not travel to Singapore . Located opposite the Fullerton Hotel , Merlion Park , One Fullerton . There could be a way to ride the MRT station down at Raffles Place or City Hall , followed by foot .

2 . Orchard Road

This place is known as the paradise of heaven for the shopping enthusiast ( shopaholic ) . Why is that ? , Almost along the streets of Orchard Road , you will find magnificent malls that can make you confused decisive shopping options . You can find many international fashion brands in the world at this place . According to rumors the price of branded goods on sale is definitely cheaper than in Indonesia. No wonder so many among the Indonesian conglomerate the shopping area of ​​Orchard Road . So do not be surprised if you find many Indonesian people who haunts there . The famous shopping malls in the place was Tangs Plaza , Takashimaya , Wisma Atriya , Lucky Plaza , and others .

3 . Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is an island of the country apart from the main island of Singapore . Sentosa Island is located very close to Batam . This island can be regarded as a center for various kinds of entertainment , like if Ancol in Jakarta . You will be pampered with a variety of attractions , entertainment , culinary , as well as beautiful beaches . On holidays , many tourists foreign and local tourists as well as locals who visit the beach was clean and comfortable on the island . He said the island will also stand Casino . If you would like to visit all places of entertainment on the island , one day is not enough .

Gua JatiJajar ,Java,Indonesia.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hello Guys . how are you today? I hope we are all fine :)
oh I 'm sorry to my loyal visitors have been almost 3 months I did not post again on this blog due to my account can not be accessed again ,
but finally I could come back to post an article about travel .
so to my loyal visitors . do not think that this blog is not in the care anymore .
ok lets talk about this article . Last post articles that I post is , Gua Buniayu , Java , Indonesia .
and in so today I will post about the cave is also located around the central java

Jatijajar cave is a natural cave that was originally formed from limestone . This cave was first discovered by a farmer named Jayamenawi in 1802 . The story , while it took the grass of the field , he was mired in a hole . Some residents tried to help Jayamenawi by ridding the land of the manhole cover . They apparently found that the hole leads into the cave . It is estimated that a vent hole cave .

Overall length of Jatijajar cave entrance to the exit to 250 meters . While the cave reaches 12 meters high , 15 meters wide , and the thickness of the ceiling 10 feet . When measured from sea level , high Jatijajar cave can reach 50 meters .

Jatijajar cave was built and developed as a tourist attraction in 1975 . Initiators are Suparjo Rustam , when he was a governor of Central Java . Who acted as project manager Jatijajar cave development is CV . AIS of Yogyakarta , led by Mr. Saptoto , an artist who is quite famous deodrama homeland . After waking Jatijajar cave , the management of tourism is undertaken by the Local Government Dati II Kebumen .

In front of a tourist attraction Jatijajar cave , there is a statue of a dinosaur as an important symbol of the cave . Visitors who enter the cave mouth will automatically pass this dinosaur statue . This statue looks out of water , as the mouth of a spring that is inside the cave , which is from the Spring ( river ) magnolia and Spring Rose . The water is believed to not be exhausted , even in dry weather conditions though . This water is used by people around Cave Jatijajar as irrigating their paddy fields .

As I walked deeper into the cave room again , visitors will see there are a lot of beautiful scenery . The room in the cave is illuminated with many lights , ranging from entry -way to the outside , so visitors need not worry about the lighting conditions there . On the ceiling of the cave is a hole for ventilation cave . In the middle of the room there is a circular seat that can be used as a seat visitors who want a break , as he looked around the room in the cave .

Visitors can see a lot of ornaments stalactites , stalagmites , and limestone pillar ( as the meeting between stalactites and stalagmites ) . There, visitors can also see eight deodrama installed , plus the statues are 32 pieces . The sculptures tell the story of Raden Kamandaka , which was then known as Legend Kasarung monkey . It is said that this cave was once the hermitage Raden Kamandaka , crown prince Raja Padjadjaran , to get a DI . Why Raden Kamandaka to be imprisoned in this area ? Because when it is , Kebumen in the territory of the Kingdom of Padjadjaran with its capital in central Bogor ( Batutulis ) , now entered the area of West Java . Visualization of these legends can be seen in diodrama that is in the cave .

Visitors can then proceed down the stairs in a way that is part of the tail of the dinosaur statue . In the basement there are several underground rivers ( spring ) which is still active . The rivers is one of the privileges Jatijajar cave . Noted there are four spring ( according to other sources there are seven spring , but the data could be obtained only four alone ) , the Spring Rose , magnolia Spring , Spring Mount Wilson , and Spring Puser Earth . The flow of water in the Spring Rose through the narrow hole that penetrates to the outside of the cave . Likewise with magnolia Spring water flow . It is said that if visitors can get close and wash my face with water in the Spring Rose , then he will stay young . There is also a belief that if someone is washing your face or shower with water Moderate magnolia , the intention or will his dream come true quickly . Meanwhile , by the manager of a tourist attraction Jatijajar Cave , Spring and Spring Puser Jombor deliberately sacred Earth . If you want to explore the tunnel through two spring cave , visitors must have a very strict permission from the manager .

To get to these attractions , visitors do not need to be confused . Therefore , its location can be easily achieved . Visitors can use a private vehicle or public transportation . If you want to use public transport , visitors need to ride public buses Gombong - Jatijajar majors in Terminal Deal.

Gua Buniayu , Java , Indonesia.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Helo all.
been almost 3 weeks I did not post for you all,
I apologize for the previous 3 weeks I was in treatment for healing.
I have just had an accident, but I am grateful to be alive today and could post it for you.
Do not ever think that this blog is not in care.
ok this time I will post a tourist spot. It was a cave. but first let me read the first post that I posted a few weeks ago. Pantai Amed

Buniayu Cave, a cave tour is quite famous in Sukabumi, is one example of how a professionally managed type cave. This cave is very convenient, after I got there Sukabumi can direct toward Segaraanten. After reaching there Nyalindung will meet a T-junction towards Nyalindung and Segaranten, you should choose the path of Segaraanten. After about 1.5 miles, there will be up to the gate Cave Buniayu. From the entrance gate about 500 yards and came in tourist cave Buniayu.

The cave is located in the Village District Kertangsana Nyalindung at an altitude of about 800 m, high enough for a karst area. There is also available a reasonably comfortable accommodations and affordable enough for a mediocre pocket. Those who do not have the tools caves, do not worry you can rent a complete tool there. Those who would like adventure also features a special tourist route had to descend a rope using SRT. Do not hesitate, you will be accompanied by a professional guide and convincing enough. One is Iwan, a young guide a fairly quiet but fun.

The cave is managed by PERHUTANI and for those of you who are interested can directly come to the site. Entered the cave, you are offered a view of the beautiful cave ornaments and also different types of animals that are very attractive from a small to a large bat.

If you are happy to live with the locals, in the buniayu there is one house with rooms numbered 2 and one bed outside the room and the capacity can be used for 7-10 people. The house is a house that can be used Mrs. Isah is located near Cave Buniayu. But if you prefer to sleep in a comfortable place just as staying in a hotel, might be able to live or looking for hotels in the city Sukabumi which is about 45 minutes by car.

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