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Saturday, August 6, 2011

jika anda orang indonesia dan tidak terlalu mengerti bahasa inggris .pilih google translate di atas untuk menterjemahkan halaman ini .thank you 

hy all!
you might want to know who has this blog and the origin of this blog.
ok well I will be informing a little about this blog and why I created this blog
I had wanted to tell why this blog speak english? This blog is whereas admin
native of Indonesia.
ok I'll make it clear in the info below but you do not kwatir because there will be a post about Indonesian in this blog and if there are English-language content that you simply choose the google translator at the top to mentrjemahan this blog so you can leisurely read every article in this blog.


I was a student graduate Vocational High Schools from a Catholic school in Indonesia
I'am Still  young and still have a life long goal.
I am a native of Indonesia and the Batak tribes and clans I Silalahi
My life motto is "trying is the best"

2.When this blog exist?

yes you can also see this blog when I was under the command was created by google
I created this blog during the month of January of 2011, you can know how old this blog.
I have 5 blogs before but honestly I was a beginner once so do not know what that means this blog. my first blog just play alone and show off just the same friends, and before this blog is not addressed
This blog has been renamed 3 times and finally I decided to make this name alone.
Day after day I continue to use the internet services, home school, at night, and during leisure time,
important in one day I would use the internet even though it sometimes-fields on mobile.

I love to play games online and that makes me forget about my blog
and in the end I did not take care of this blog for 3 months and not know why the 8 months I became active in this blog, I can be active again as I read the article bag-care articles on this blog Bagimana delicious.
and finally I am serious with this blog anyway I do not want to waste a lot of time just playing games only when I pay any monthly internet but I do not have knowledge of it so in my mind better than I play at the blog got a lesson and add insight to I,

3. Why This Blog Named Nakarasido Hita?

yea a little story of what could be the name of this blog Nakarasido Hita.
at a glance if it reads like japan language course but if the word was observed Batak language.
which means that his thing "We The Hard"

initial name of this blog created by my religion teacher came from my school time. He Tells of a car brand that the brand is Nakarasido Hita.
Mr. and story is so funny that when I created this blog I thought Nakarasido  Hita, in addition to the unique word is also rare in google so my chances to be first in google.
Nakarasido Hita and eventually be created in 8 in 2011 and from then on I actively post the article as much as 1/2 a day and will increase again.

4.The purpose of this blog I founded ?

I personally if I first set up this blog is not because they want to benefit from here but my hobby but as a Blogger and I created this goal is primarily in the Field of Tourism in Indonesia who takes campaign to provide information to the whole world.
I want to introduce a distinguished sights and is famous in indoneseia to local residents and overseas.
and in addition I am also very pleased with this kaTravel because on this blog the most about Travel that I posted nearly 80%.

5. My mission for this blog !

I wanted this blog to be useful media information for all of us
I hope in the coming days I will have ideas for my posts so that the topic being discussed is not just about the increased travel alone but if the blog is growing with the other topic you do not have kwatir because this blog will remain dominant to Travel for this is the original purpose of this blog .

ok all the info above I think maybe the obvious is not it?

I hope this blog is useful for us who need information or just enjoy
if you wanted to ask me about something or want to work or you might be an advertiser who is interested to advertise in this blog.
please do not hesitate to send me an email at
I will reply your email as soon as possible.
oh yes i love to have lots of friends so we can share.
I ask for your support
in a way follow me on twitter
and please likes my facebook page below

accepted the final word to say Thank You :)

Thank you for visited Us, Leave your Comment and Don't Forget to Share :) *Nakarasido Hita*
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