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Batak dance is the Tor-Tor from North Sumatra,Indonesia.

Friday, August 12, 2011

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okay. For those loyal readers of this Hita.kalai Nakarasido I will post something that is no less interesting than before. 
This post is still related to About North Sumatra in Indonesia and its traditional Batak. 
Well no talk at length at the same let's read a bit about what I would post. 
Post this time is about traditional dance in North Sumatra that is Tor-Tor
let's read together. thx

In Indonesia a wide variety of dances that we need to know. For that we introduce a traditional dance of the tribe of Batak, North Sumatra, called Tor-Tor. There is no certainty of data, who is the creator of this dance and when the dance was first played. According to the story, they danced the Tor-Tor when there is a customary ritual, such as marriage, nor the king's inauguration.

This dance is also often played when there are family members who died. But along with the changing times, the Tor-Tor is not only played when there is a special ritual. Tor-Tor is also a welcome dance when there are tourists visiting the North Sumatra. Even by the Batak people in Jakarta, Tor-Tor is always played when they celebrate New Year's party. Dance-Tor Tor has its own privileges. What's the attraction? Let's explore together.

The appeal of dance-Tor Tor can be seen from the movement. During the show progresses, Tor-Tor dancers viewed movements seem a bit stiff. Tor-tor dance looks dominant play hand and foot movements. Occasionally, they also danced with a slight move the body. That said, the movement associated with the legend about the Tor-Tor.

Initially, Tor-Tor played in a ritual that has to do with spirits. By the Batak people, the spirit is invoked through a special ritual. The arrival of the spirit will be known if the symbols of their ancestors in the form of stone statues began to move. That said, when the music starts playing, the statue was moved like he was dancing.Listeners, stiffness behind the movement, there are distinctive of the Tor-Tor. Said to be special, because every movement of the dancer-Tor Tor has always played in rhythm with the sound of some traditional musical instruments, like flutes and trumpets. Magondangi, that's how people refer to musical accompaniment Batak-Tor Tor is.

The appeal of Tor-Tor is not only visible from the movement and rhythm of his music, but there are still other features. One of them you can see from the clothes and make-up dancers Tor-Tor. During the show Tor-Tor takes place, the dancers always wear traditional clothing namely Ulos Batak tribe. That's called Batak society. To prove what are the privileges Tor-Tor, you can see it when there is a show-Tor Tor. 

ok alll just that about TOR_TOR.thank you for read that.
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