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Danau Toba,North Sumatera.Indonesia.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

hy all .... this time I will post about a very nice lake in Indonesia and is the largest lake as well.
yes the lake is not far from where my school is only about 1 hour if you go by car or kerete faster.

in my mind one day Lake Toba event can be a finalist dalama New 7 wonders nature because I saw many advantages provided by the Lake Toba to the travelers who go to Lake Toba.Once when I was 10 years old I still remember that Lake Toba is famous for its air and pemandanganya is so amazing and the mountains that surround the lake have participated to make a great and fascinating sights to make your eyes want to continue to see.
but day after day there are few things I did not like until now where the longer the visitor to Lake Toba reduced due to people not yet aware of the impact if we throw garbage in the lake, indiscriminate tree felling, and other things that can pollute the environment of the lake Toba .

I have a word I often hear that worked for us and for us as well hasilanya which means let us take care of Dananu toba so back as the beginning and therefore the lake is slowly land will attract foreign and domestic visitors to visit the lake. because behind the beauty of Lake Toba there are other sights in Around Lake Toba.

I post this article to Green Lake Toba back again and I see there is also a change in the improving of the lake Toba.

This is a good start

hopefully it day by day Lake Toba became better than ever and made known by the World Lake Toba.

yes Lake Toba Located In North Sumatra, in Parapat if you are from the field may memamkan 4 hours to the lake Toba with a landline.

Let's return the lake Lake Toba Back Being Beautiful and cool.

Salama for us all.
and I hope that Indonesia could become the New7Wonders of Nature On Someday.

it must be True. Let us Prove to Consciousness We each

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