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Dreamland Sea,Bali,Indonesia.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

HEy alll meet you again ,today i will Posting about beach In bali that's Dreamland .ok Let see The Beach.
Hope you like it .

Dreamland in Pecatu Village, Badung regency, located on the southern island of Bali. You can reach this beach is about 30 minutes from Kuta Beach at Jimbaran. The beach is still beautiful and natural is located at the southern tip of South Badung. You'll find this beach on the way to the famous temple in Bali is Uluwatu Temple.
You may be puzzled why this beach called Dreamland? Other beaches in Bali using local names, while the beach this one uses the English language that is meaningful dreamland dream land.

It turns out there is its origin. That said, this beach called Dreamland because Pecatu region had to be built one of the region's largest and most unique tourist center in Southeast Asia. In addition, there will also be built resort superluks combined with the tourist area that highlight the beauty and authenticity of nature and environmental conservation. Previously this area was barren and arid regions.

At the time of monetary crisis in 1998, the mega project was abandoned. However, because the locals really hope that this project is completed, in hopes that they could switch from agriculture to tourism businesses, so they named this place as a land of dreams is in English called Dreamland. Since then the area is called Dreamland.

when you enter the tourist area of ​​Dreamland Beach, your eyes will be enchanted by the beauty of this beach. Hilly and rugged areas that make you look as if the lower coastal areas in the sea. Dreamland is a beach surrounded by cliffs towering as well as a large rock.

When you go down the rocks and steps to the beach, you will be amazed with the views of rock cliffs on which there is a green pasture that is high enough. Many foreign and local tourists who like to enjoy in the meadow.

Dreamland Beach area is also very eye-catching. You will be captivated by a whitish brown sand is clean with a steep gully. You can enjoy the beauty of the sunset or sunset on the narrow coastal area directly beneath the steep rock walls.

Dreamland Sea region also has a high and large waves. Therefore, many surfers like to surf on this beach. Dreamland is also one tourist destination in Bali surfing.

You can rent umbrellas are provided along the beach to avoid the hot sun. If you want to swim but do not bring a change of clothes, you can buy in the tourist area of ​​Dreamland. Once down the stairs, a line of clothing merchants will offer you their wares. Also available are several shops that sell food and beverages.

In addition, here are also available toilet facilities if you want to change clothes and shower. But the pricing is quite expensive even for just urinate in this area.

If you want to stay, at the Dreamland area there are dozens of resorts and villas that stand as a supporter of tourism that continues bergeliat at Dreamland Beach. Some resorts and villas standing on the cliff so you can enjoy the beautiful beach scenery from the cliff.

According to tour guide there, Dreamland is the only place in Bali that use International Law. So the rules that apply on this beach more freely. Visitors can consume alcohol or women can be topless on this beach without sanctions.

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