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Harau Valley,West Sumatera ,Indonesia

Saturday, August 20, 2011

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Harau Valley has seven waterfalls (sarasah) is stunning. The height of each waterfall varies between 50-90 meters. The waterfall flows from the top of the gap that stretched along the Valley Harau. Entering the Park Valley Harau, like being in a fortress with a cliff. reddish with a height between 150 to 200 meters. It upright with kokohnya cliff that surrounds the valley.Harau valley is formed due to fracture or block that falls down the valley to form a fairly broad and flat. One of the signs or to see where the location of fracture is by a waterfall. This means that before any river which is then cut off due to broken down, thus forming a waterfall. Geologically, the rocks that were there was quite old, about 30-40 million years. Rocks this age are very subtle form of flakes which are rocks that contain lots of organic carbon.
Area attractions Harau Valley consists of 3 (three) regions: Region Aka Barayu, Sarasah Bunta, and Rimbo Piobang.In areas that have Barayun Aka beauty waterfall that has a swimming pool, which provides a beautiful natural shades
also potential for the development of sport rock climbing because it has a steep rock hill and also has a location bias reflected sound (echo). Here there is also a lodging facility that can be utilized in the form of homestay tourists who want to stay complete with amenities. It is said Sarasah Aka Barayun of legend in the society around him Harau Valley Nature Reserve was formerly the Sea.For Sarasah area located on the east side Bunta Aka Barayun, has four waterfalls (sarasah) Aie Luluih, Bunta, Murai and AIE Angek. Aie Sarasah Luluih, water flowing through the stone walls and underneath the pool has a beautiful natural bathing place, from the stories of the elders first, there is a belief in the bath or washing face sarasah luluih AIE can treat acne and face will look beautiful and young . Sarasah Bunta which has a waterfall sarasah berunta-camel that beautiful like an angel that was in the shower when the afternoon sun shone so-called "Sarasah Bunta". Sarasah Murai, on sarasah is often on the afternoon humming bird bath while making love so that people call "Sarasah Magpie". And if the bath under the waterfall both sarasah this, by praying to God Almighty, quickly got a mate for the unmarried.In Sarasah Aie Angek not visited by many tourists, little hot water to the north is the direction of "Sarasah Magpie".While in the area Rimbo Piobang until the end of 2008 has not been developed due to the Safari Park is planned.Harau valley is also divided two tourist areas namely Sarasah Bunta and Aka Barayun (Swinging root-ed). In Bunta Sarasah there are 5 pieces waterfalls, and the Aka Barayun cuman there a waterfall. Waterfall in the Valley Harau is very clear and cold, and there is also a small fish. For the waterfall in a pond Aka Barayun already so swim so much better. While that in Sarasah Bunta natural water reservoirs so that the waterfall is still playing in the waterfall

Located in Nagari Harau, District Harau, Fifty Koto regency, West Sumatra Province.
There is a small hut and Tower House in the valley floor for a place to stay. Overnight room rental rates vary, ranging from Rp 50,000, - to Rp 2 million per night. For the sport of rock climbing enthusiasts, provided pemandau which will lead to the sport.

Tedapar also small shops selling food and drinks.
Here, there are recreational facilities such as swimming baths, camping spots, and jlan trails for hiking around the area. Relatively cheap price of admission. At the ticket window, will get a map of conservation areas and wildlife reserves Harau Valley. When you need a guide, we can also use the services of workers who are paid a daily guide.

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