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Hombo Batu-Nias ,North Sumatera,Indonesia.

Monday, August 15, 2011

hy all how ar you today....?
i hope we all fine
today i wil post about big stone in sumatera 
its tradition 
 ok well. chechk this 
A. OverviewHombo (jump) the stone is a very popular tradition in community of Nias in South Nias district.
This tradition is carried out by people in the village of Bawo Mataluo (Mount of the Sun). Mataluo Bawo village is a village rich in megalithic sites (large stone) carved and in it there is a traditional residential Nias (Omo hada).After regional autonomy in 2003, the Village Bawo Mataluo become part of the territory of South Nias district. Previously, the village is entered into the realm of Nias district. The capital of South Nias district is Teluk Dalam. This district has a natural beauty and extraordinary cultural uniqueness.

B. Feature

The tradition of jumping the stone is a rite of culture to determine whether a young man in the village of Bawo Mataluo can be recognized as a young man who has grown or not. The young men will be recognized as the brave men and eligible for marriage if it can jump over a pile of stones that are made in such a way that more than two meters tall. There is a special ritual ceremony before the youth jumped over. While wearing traditional clothes, they ran with the support of small stepping stone in advance to be able to pass through the high stone buildings. Many young people are so eager to jump.C. LocationMataluo Bawo Village in South Nias regency, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia.D. AccessTo reach the tourist sites, travelers may be through air travel from Medan to Nias (Gunung Sitoli) with travel time approximately 1 hour. In addition to air travel, to reach the island of Nias can also be reached through a sea voyage by ferry from Sibolga to Nias Island with a travel time of approximately 10 hours. From Gunungsitoli, travelers still need about 3 hours journey to Teluk Dalam with two or four wheeled vehicles.E. Ticket pricesTourists visiting the Village Bawo Mataluo no charge.F. Accommodation and Other FacilitiesTherefore, Teluk Dalam, the capital district, then the tourists are not difficult to find lodgings of the bungalows, jasmine-class lodging, or hotel. Restaurants and food stalls are also there around the site.

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