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Lake Singkarak. West Sumatera .Indonesia.

Friday, August 19, 2011

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VISIT to the West Sumatra is not complete without a taste took to Lake Batur. Area with a gently sloping stretch of sand invites you to flirt with the ripples of the lake is cold lick your fingers gently. Really charm that will not be forgotten.You cast the view toward the highway, looks verdant tree line along the edge of the lake. In addition to the beautiful Lake Batur is also suitable for use as a place of sport (sport tourism) as on land can be used for walking, jogging, or calisthenics.

On the lake for swimming sports, fishing, rowing and air sports, such as paragliding, skydiving, parasailing, paragliding or floating in free air with beautiful scenery.Besides beautiful scenery, Lake Batur also has more features than any other lake in the world. Various types of fish live in freshwater lakes that.At least, there are currently 19 species of fish, like Asang, piyek, Balingka, baung, and fish sasau, which is said to achieve sizes up to 8 pounds of weight. There are also rare species of fish that may be the only one in the world. The species is named fish Bilih (Mystacoleucus Padangensis).Fish Bilih there is only one at Lake Batur. This tasty fish is famous for souvenirs will be unforgettable. For locals, this fish is a source of livelihood.However, due to increasingly scarce fish, the price was quite varied. Fishermen at Lake Batur, the fish was sold at a price of Rp15 thousand per kilogram. However, when it entered the market, the price increased to Rp50 thousand per kilogram.When you are tired of making out with the water of the lake and come hungry, you will have no trouble looking for a bite to eat typical lake Batur, well known that pangek sasau delicious, and fried Bilih available at food stalls in the vicinity of Lake Batur.But when you bring lunch from home, stay spread out a mat and enjoy the food would taste better, eat in the lake water was accompanied by lucid Bilih fish that swim at will and the ripples of water.For those of you who take the kids for a trip to Lake Batur are advised not to stop along the road on the edge of the lake, but the visiting tourist attraction located in Tanjung Mutiara Batu Taba South Batipuh District. Without prejudice to the stunning natural beauty, you and your family can play with the water calm and comfortable.As for sport bike enthusiasts, can surround the Lake Festival while enjoying the beauty of the scenery that is so charming; expanse of paddy fields, palm trees waving, and busy fishermen find fish, you can see along the road that circles the lake.To reach the lake covering an area of ​​129.70 square kilometers, this is easy, either by using public transport or private. From Minangkabau international airport is only taken two hours of travel and transport rates Rp35 thousand. The price is quite cheap for a matchless beauty of nature tourism offerings.

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