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Mount Dempo,Pagar Alam,South Sumatra.,Indonesia.

Monday, August 22, 2011

hi all this time I'll post about tourism in South Sumatra
I'll tell a few places in South Sumatra Tourism
ok let's read the same as

Mount Dempo is the highest mountain in South Sumatra, which is as high as 3195 meters above sea level (asl). Mount Dempo classified as active volcanoes and still belching smoke with a little mud to the plains below. The mountain is included in the Bukit Barisan mountain range that has two peaks, namely Mount Dempo and Mount Marapi.
Region of Mount Dempo is the only mountain tourist locations in South
Sumatra. In the forest to the summit of Mount Dempo are small streams with
clear water. Hikers can take advantage of this river water as drinking water during the trip. To climb, visitors must go through the forest area by tracing a path that is filled with roots of large trees across it. The state forest is dense and silent, so that occasionally can be heard the sound of birds chirping.

From a certain height, visitors can see a green carpet of tea gardens. Tea gardens covering an area of ​​1,500 hectares is owned by PT Perkebunan Nusantara VII PTPN. If visitors look further will look Pagar Alam. Panorama will be even more beautiful when seen at night, because it will look sparkly lights that adorn the city of  Pagar Alam

Mount Dempo located in Pagar Alam, South Sumatra.
Mount Dempo is located about 310 miles west of Palembang city. To achieve this mountain, visitors can use a private vehicle or bus to Pagar Alam takes about 7 hours. From Terminal Pagar Alam, visitors can head to the foot of Mount Dempo a distance of about 15 km using a private vehicle or charter to the Tea Factory PTPN III. At the close of this tea factory, it helps visitors to see elder Mount Dempo, namely the elder person by nature lovers who will climb Mount Dempo. He will take visitors to the nearest village from the foot of Mount Dempo, namely Kampung Four takes about 30 minutes. From here, visitors can continue the journey through the path leading to the summit of Mount Dempo. 

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