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Mountain Talamau, West Sumatera,Indonesia

Thursday, August 18, 2011

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this time I will post about mountains in western Sumatra
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Mountain, located in West Sumatra province Pasaman precisely in West and East, is one of several mountains that have attractive scenery in the area Minang Kabau. With a height of 2982m above sea level making it the highest peak area of ​​West Sumatra. This mountain can be climbed from the village Pinaga. Talamau mountain has its own uniqueness that is at its peak there are many lakes, and generally the amount of the lake is always
different and not always the same every encountered hikers. Amounts commonly seen is 13 lake. Talamau mountain adjacent to Mount Pasaman once only separated by a river. From the summit of Mount Talamau we can clearly see the summit of Mount Pasaman, or also known as "Peak Rajo Langik Balance" is a name derived from the name of a king who ever reigned in this area Pasaman at once. To reach the summit of Mount Talamau we will pass the six headings. From the mountain top we can Talamau menyadel or down and go up to Mount Pasaman. Residents living around the mountain this Talakmau the livelihoods of farming and the majority are Muslims. The mountain is more manicured dibadingkan with mountain and Singgalang Marapi. Much cleaner, is not separated from the dedication of the locals who always maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the climbers, mountain climbers Talakmau irresponsible. Peak RajawaliUntuk Accommodation available and not far from this mountain is Hamco and Pensions Yanti Hotel in Padang Seven which is about 3 km from the village Pinaga. In addition there is also the location of Tiger Hill Camping Ground in the Campo is not far from the location of the waterfall Puti WhaPS Geni. Besides its natural beauty of this mountain is also kept many interesting stories coming from the legend that is believed by the locals. As an example when we enter Siranjano Padang, are required to read "Assalamualaikum" because it was believed in the area inhabited by the Kyai. And also the names of mountain peaks and lake is also taken by some of the legends that are believed by the inhabitants of the mountain around this Talamau. 
ACCESS TRANSPORTATIONPinaga village of Padang village, which is the starting point of the climb can be accomplished by using the Bus "PERSADA". Cost is 10,000, - If the town of Bukittinggi, we must take a bus route with a fare Simpang Ampek Rp.13.000, - followed by a ride "Keri" (a type of public transportation) with the cost Rp.3.000, - and the mileage is more or less 10km. Formal path to the summit of Mount Pinaga Talamau is from the village but also there are options other route that has just begun by "Kuncen" mountain of Daniel Zulekha. The line was started from the village of East Pasaman Malapah. It also could be from the village of Aia Maruek Durian Cage. The line will meuju summit of Mount Pasaman first and then to the summit of Mount Talakmau menyadel. If we climb from the village and down the village Durian Pinaga Cage, will take approximately 5 days.Climbing RoutesVILLAGE PINAGA awalpendakianPOSKO a point 287m above sea level00 ° 08 '21.01 "N 099 ° 54' 32.4" BTPinaga village located at an altitude of 320M above sea level. Command Post 1 is not far from the highway Simpang Empat - Institutions. From Camp 1 to Camp 2 or in the Tiger Hill Campo, will pass 4patok kilometers namely Km14, Km13, Km12, Km11. The state road from Camp 1 to Camp 2 is the cart path. In addition we will also pass through rice fields and farming population.Tiger cottage CampoPOSKO 2 PONDOK bukik TIGER Campo 676m asl00 ° 06 '56.7 "N 099 ° 56' 09.8" BTPost a journey of up to approximately 2.5 hours in this place. Command Post 2 is located at an altitude of 710m above sea level. In this place there is a cottage inhabited by a climber from West Sumatra who was a volunteer caring for and maintaining this Talamau mountain. Not far from this location we can find a pretty big waterfall waterfall named Puti WhaPS Geni.Pos IIIPOSKO 3 PONDOK RINDU NATURAL 1109m asl00 ° 05 '56.4 "N 099 ° 57' 11.2" BTThis post is also known as Sari Bunyibunyian because at this place we hear various sounds seranga and birds. Command Post with a height of 1100m above sea level is within the travel time from the previous post about 2.5 hours. In this post we did not find any cabin except for a flat ground and also in this post there springs a small stream, so that we can fill water supplies.Pos IVPOSKO 4 EARTH SARASAH 1865m asl00 ° 05 '20.09 "N 099 ° 58' 05.9" BTAfter traveling for about 3 hours then we will arrive at Earth Sarasah post. Here there is a hut with no walls. Location of this post also we can find the springs form a small river that flows clear. Command Post is located at an altitude of 1865m above sea level.Pos VPOSKO 5 PANINJAUAN 2575m asl00 ° 04 '46.3 "N 099 ° 58' 36.34" EThis post is take about 2 hours 25 minutes from the previous post and also have a water source. The path from the shelter to shelter Paninjauan Sarasah Earth is slightly steeper than the previous state of the path. In this post we can find a tin-roofed hut with no walls. Not long later we will enter a fairly open area of ​​low vegetation.Padang SiranjanoPADANG SIRANJANO 2764m asl00 ° 04 '36.9 "N 099 ° 58' 51.9" BTFrom 5 to basecamp shelter within the White Eagles take about 75 minutes. and after passing through a fairly steep incline, we'll till plains grasslands disebuah named "Padang Siranjano" not long after we take this broad plain, we will find a lake, pond, amounting to 13 pieces. it is also the main peak of the mountain Talamau is also already visible. Location near the lake, this lake is perfect used as a place to set up a tent.Basecamp RajawaliBASECAMP RAJAWALI 2782m asl00 ° 04 '08.30 "N 099 ° 58' 58.5" BTAfter walking along this desert Siranjano about 3 minutes later the lake will soon meet the first and quite big and the steep lake Si Untuang been, then not far from there there are also other very beautiful lake of the lake would have thought Puti Moon and Basecamp is located right eagle edge of this lake.TRI TrimarthaPUNCAK Peak 2912m asl MARTHA00 ° 04 '43.2 "N 099 ° 59' 02.1" BTTalamau mountain has three peaks namely fruit named Trimarhta major peak, peak and two Eagles Peak Peak Peak Third named Rajo Gods. In addition it will be clearly visible from the top of the lake-lake location in the mountain, also if glanced around to see faint faint distant mountains stood Gutters, Marapi mountain, mountaineering and mountain Singgalang Tandikat.LicensingHikers are required to bring the miraculous following documents:

ID card (also prepare photocopynya)
Letter of permission from parents (for teens)
Letter from the organization (if coming from an organization)All letters are shown in the official post time will climb, in addition Logistics and equipment will be checked when up and down the mountain. Each climber is required to pay user charges that include insurance and administrative fee of 5,000, -Here are the restrictions that apply in this mountain:

Not justified destroying flora and fauna
Not justified to bring Tape recorders, radios, guitars and other musical instruments
Not justified to bring soap or ingredients that could contaminate water sources
Not justified to bring and drink liquor of any kind, any pendakia should respect local traditions.
In the trip and the mountain is not permitted inside the asylum scattering
Not allowed climbers son and daughter slept in a tent any form of activity
It should not be yelling or singing loudly
It should not be a fire dioxide in a fire-prone
Must not enter the area lakes such as bathing, washing, and so forth. Except for taking water for drinking and cooking
Strictly forbidden to perform actions crossed the rocks and trees, and other acts of vandalism
Strictly forbidden to throw dirt disembarang place
Hikers are required to bring back down the waste generated by their
Climbers must comply with permit long ascent, the longest four days after it should be right down
Report the incident or other damage to the field staff or command post.Places of InterestThere are so many interesting places that we can visit in this mountain, natural objects were scattered on the mountain this Talamau, including:Waterfalls Puti WhaPS Geni whose height reaches 109 metersSirinjano meadow, a meadow at an altitude of 2640m above sea level of 40 hectares, inhabited by deer, Deer, Goat forest and Tapir.There are several lakes which in local language called Talago, the amount is normally 13 pieces of the lake and most climbers are sometimes found in varying amounts, this may be caused by more or less water content in the mountain. The 13 lake namely: Talago Puti thought Month

Talago Tapian Sutan Bagindo
Talago Tapian Puti Mambang surau
Already Siuntuang Talago
Puti Talago Youngest
Rajo Talago Gods
Talago Wildlife
Talago Lumuik
Talago Blue
Talago Mandeh Rubiah
Talago Imbang Langik
Talago Cindua Mato
Talago Buluah ParinduThere is a crater sulfurThere are five peaks that spread the peak of this mountain regionThere are four caves that are top of the mountain area TalamauMeanwhile, at the foot of the mountain there is a historical tourist attraction Stone Balipek fabric is at the foot of Mount PasamanVillage Aia Maruek Kinali ..

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