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Panorama of Bukit Tinggi,West Sumatera,Indonesia

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

 hy all ....
how do you travel trip ..?
okay I'll give a little information about tourism in western Sumatra
let's see

if you come to West Sumatra, do not miss this one object, Panorama Park. Located in the town of Bukittinggi and have access to pretty close to other attractions. Call it the Clock Tower and the Zoo Kinantan Bukittinggi. Market top is the perfect place if you want to get a unique souvenir to take home. In fact, the distance between the objects can be reached only by foot. For accommodations, The Hills Bukittinggi hotel could be an option, for four-star hotels (4) who used to join the group this Novotel hotel, located not far from the attractions
mentioned above. In addition, there are also many other accommodation options such as hotels and guest houses jasmine.

Panorama Garden of the tube cool and there are many shade trees is a comfortable place to relax. For those of you who get the photos hobby exquisite scenery, or just want to take pictures as part of memory on the way, here is paradise. Panorama Park with views of the canyon Sianok the background of Mount Merapi is pretty amazing. From a distance, we can see how beautiful the canyon Sianok with a meandering river like a snake.

Just below this park there is a hole (tunnel) with lots of hallways and rooms. This hole is known as Japan's Hole. Built during the Japanese occupation in Indonesia. The purpose of this hole is built as one of the defenses the Japanese army in Asia. The entrance to the Hole in the Japanese Garden Panorama.

In addition to the market top, inside the park is also lined up a souvenir shop selling various handicrafts as souvenirs from the City Tourism Bukittinggi, West Sumatra.

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