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Pura Lempuyang,Bali,Indonesia.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

satisfied with the beach scene this time I will invite you to view historical place in Bali ..

ok can not wait to know what kind of place.
let's read together

Pura Lempuyang Luhur one tourist attraction in Bali, and is a sacred place for Hindus in Bali are located in the eastern part of Bali precisely in Karangasem regency.
Against the backdrop of the stunning panoramic view of Mount Agung, as well as a sanctuary, Pura Luhur Lempuyang Sad Paradise is unique with its natural purity, especially the forest into the lungs island.

Early in the trip started with turns and climbs, the first sights we visited was the Pura Pura Dang Lempuyang Madya including the heaven. Problem status and the kasungsung (in worship) in the temple

is convinced is Ida Batara Agenijaya professor and professor Manik Geni. Where, professor Agenijaya seven brothers, of whom Kuturan MPU, MPU and MPU Semeru.Sementara Baradah palinggih existing among palinggih bebaturan Linggih Batara Agenijaya sareng professor professor Manikgeni, Gedong Overlapping Siki (one), two and three, Manjangan Saluang, Studio Great, Pawedaan Bale, and Bale Pesandekan.

For tourists who want to see the beauty of the Peak of Mount Lempuyang / main Pura Bukit Bisbis toward heaven Sad Lempuyang Noble at the top we have to tread more than 1,700 (one thousand seven hundred) steps, while on his way to the top of this we are in the cool air of the forest suguhi is still beautiful, the voices of animals and landscapes are stunning Karangasem regency, which is more unique.

For Hindus as well as tourists who want Tangkil (coming prayer) into the heaven Sad Pura Lempuyang Noble, the one decent thing is to prepare physical endurance, and of course the pure sincere heart, and taboos that should be on the stick that is not allowed to say rude when traveling, people cuntaka (as there are families who died), menstruating women, menyusuai, children who have not dated milk teeth should not be used to enter temples or pray to a local temple, carrying or eating pork are also not allowed.

Tomorrow or another day I'll post about the history of tourism in Indonesia is more famous so always update to my blog

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