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Sweet Water Beach,West Sumatera,Indonesia

Saturday, August 20, 2011

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ok well i will post about same place is West Sumatera .
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Sweet Water Beach, is one of the beaches located in Padang city an attractive place to visit. This beach has a charm of a beautiful beach with a breezy wave gulungnan. When blown shore breezes, the gentle sound of waves along the coast, thus making the feel of a cool and serene. If sea water is receding, the tourists can walk along the shore that is wide enough to see sea views while sprawling in front of the eye.FeatureSweet Water Beach has a sandy brown to whitish sprawling
and ramps along the beach. Therefore, this beach is perfect for a picnic, playing the waves,
surfing and camping.
At Sweet Water Beach, there is also the inscription "Malin Kundang the rebellious child". The inscription is in the form of stone from the ruins of the former vessel and the bodies of Malin Kundang. When the waves slammed the rock, the sound of splashing water formations such as voice wailing and crying. The tourists can also watch from Malin Kundang near the legendary Stone is.Not far from the beach, seems an island that stands with the graceful, so attractive to visit. The island is known as Little Banana Island. This island looks like two separate islands, although in fact incorporated into one. If a visit to Little Banana Island, tourists will find that many monkeys on the loose. Although not benign, the monkeys did not disturb the tourists. 
.LocationLocation Sweet Water Beach is located in the District of South Padang, Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. 
AccessTo go to the Sweet Water beach, the tourists can use land transport. From Airport Ketaping to the location, many of the vehicle which serves the route. the tourists can take advantage of special public transit airports, or public transportation which serves the route takes about 30 minutes. 
 TicketIn the confirmation process. 
 Accommodation and Other FacilitiesAround Sweet Water Beach Padang available some of the inn on average managed by local communities, so rent is not expensive bagitu. So is the place to eat. Along the coast there are food stalls that can be used for dining fun.In addition, some tourist facilities are also available, such as motor vehicle parking lots, ring roads beach, beach umbrella roof, craft marine products, bathroom and mushalla.

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