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Sorake-Nias,North Sumatera ,Indonesia.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sorake beach touted as the second best surfing beaches in the world after Hawaii, USA.Sorake beach is located on the island of Nias, precisely in the Village Botohilitano, District of Teluk Dalam, South Nias regency, west of Sumatra Island.Ya'ahowu! greeting you'll hear when visiting the island of Nias. Located 125 km west of Sumatra. Nias Island and 130's of other islands around it has the potential of the beach and the waves are very beautiful.

Sorake beach is a tourist spot for tourists both domestic and foreign tourists. Every year many tourists from around the world come to Beach Sorake to do sports activities surfing or surfing.Despite the remote location and got hit by the tsunami th 2005 ago, did not dampen the desire of the professional surfers to visit or spend vacation time. For connoisseurs of Surfing, Nias is not a strange place again.Sorake beaches have huge waves and high privilege that is not affected by the direction of the wind and tides, so the surfers can surf all the time with the waves that can be rolled with intact down to the beach.Waves on the Beach Sorake has wave wave height of 3 meters to 5 meters, with 5 levels of the waves that surfers can perform attractions with a variety of styles in each level and climb the waves until it reaches a distance of 200 meters because it has the character of the long waves that are rarely found dibelahan world anywhere.

Another uniqueness is no Sorake beach sloping sand, there is a rock-strewn. Edge of the outermost rocks directly dealing with the deep sea has a depth of 2 to 3 meters.South Nias Sorake beach where surfing is second best after Hawaii (One of the best surfing places in the world). Waves at the beach Sorake can reach a height of 15 m due to the direct dealing with the Indonesian Ocean, so it is ideal for surf sports.

Nowhere else in the world that has waves like in Sorake Beach. So the novice and professional surfers can perform their actions with varying styles because the waves come rolling continues with five levels.In Sorake Beach inn and cafe are also available, you could say both Indonesia Kuta or Legian. Since the tsunami there is a change in the construction of houses, guesthouses, cafes, etc. are building now overlooking the sea to keep the beaches clean, so that household waste is not discharged directly to the beach.Sorake beach surfing competitions are often held locally and internationally. Nias Open is one of the surfing championship, followed by various surfers from different countries. Usually held in June and July when the waves are large-magnitude.Coast Tourism Indonesia Sorake a recommendation for those of you who like surfing or holiday and enjoy the beauty of white sand beaches in Lagundri.

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