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Aek sipitu dai,North Sumatera,Indonesia.

Monday, September 26, 2011

wooow this time I will provide information unique place money in North Sumatra where the location of keunikanya this is a very unnatural because in that place has sevendifferent flavors of water.
well. we read along the same info

Aek sipitu dai, located in the boho, Limbong (past the town Pangururan). Do not be afraid to get lost, everyone even the local children were able to show the exact place.Aek sipitu propagators are seven fruits that each shower has a different flavor. Water flowing in the shower is from 7 pieces springs that join in one place Labuan (like long) but when applied to the seven separate shower feels able to return. According to a guard this place, all that will go into it (to wash, bathe, or drink this dai sipitu AEK) must have a clean heart (if not certainly will be no reinforcements or illness and even death to be hit). CERAM is also rasaku when going into this place. And according to the guard we demand if requested by a pure heart will be given (so many have acquired it said the guard). What do I ask? hmm ... I
was there only to honor my ancestors / my ancestors Batak people.Nausea Pansur Sipitu Dai (Shower Seven Sense) is one of seven pieces of water with each shower, the shower has seven springs, each of which flows to merge into one stream in a long bath, then the length of the tub it seven made it into the shower as well as on seven kinds of spring water in the tub when I have joined that long.
This water is called "PANSUR SIPITU DAI" (Pansur Seventh Sense), as showers are seven that have seven kinds of sense, the seventh of this shower, divided according to status of the communities in Limbong namely:
1. Pansuran dakdanak ni baby shower that is where there is still no teeth
2. Ni sibaso shower bath is a place that has older mothers, namely that they do not deliver anymore
3. Pansuran ni ina-ina is a shower of mothers who are still able to give birth
4. Pansur ni namarbaju ie bathing girls
5. Pansur ni pangulu ie showers were kings
6. Doli ni Pansur ie bathing the men
7. HeLa Pansur ie bathing the son-in-ie all the married daughters of the clan clan Limbong
1. Of the seven kinds of flavors from the shower was none like the taste of plain water
2. seven kinds of flavors derived from the seven springs have been joined in one Labuan (Body Length) but oddly enough water to seven kinds of sense, it can be separated again, so the taste of water flowing through the shower which was seven to seven kinds of taste.
3. for joining in Labuan (like length), other flavors only one kind only, although the source of seven out of seven kinds and sorts
4. if water is taken and brought to a place far away and not sanctioned by the occupants of nature that is in place, then the water will become fresh water as usual.
5. Shower, it can cure various diseases.
6. if someone falls while bathing in the shower, if and when they fall head upstream, then he will fall ill, but if the head in the downstream direction, then he will die.
7. in the shower, one can pray to Debata At So Nabolon (God Mah Esa) pleaded healing, fortune cheap begged and pleaded with various other desires, and it has a lot of people who have managed to acquire it.

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