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Alor Island ,Indonesia.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

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about place for diving In Indonesia .
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Alor Island is one of the most beautiful attractions in INDONESIA, located in East Nusa Tenggara, Alor island has beautiful beaches with sand-colored and has the sea and the contents of the sea that is so fascinating.
Alor Island has a land area of ​​2864.64 and the broad waters of 10773.62 km2 km2 and a coastline length of 287.10 km. This is one tourist attraction visited by many tourists, domestic and foreign
Alor island has beaches that are so beautiful, clean, and very natural that when you visit there you will feel the atmosphere is so different from penatnya urban atmosphere.
The following list names the following description of the beauty of the beach

a. Coast Mali
Located adjacent to the eastern city of Kalabahi approximately 15 km / airport in the southern part of Mali. White Sand and Water has a clear seas and coral reefs are beautiful.

b. Coast Deere
Airport is located in the north of Mali, can be reached by vehicle wheels 2 and 4 wheels. Great potential because of white sand and clean sea water and supportive environment. But it has not been managed well and professionally.

c. Coast Maimol
Approximately 8 km from the town of Kalabahi. Maimol as a traditional fishing village, has a pretty good potential, but has not managed professionally.
This is one picture or a portrait of the beauty of the sea island of Alor. we can see for yourself that under the state of the sea island of Alor is still very natural and preserved its authenticity
Alor Island in addition to having natural beauty that can be seen directly on land and beach, also has a natural beauty under the sea in the form of rare fish and beautiful corals and marine plants which are so fascinating.
The following will be given some point dive that has a natural beauty
Has a 18 point dive called "Varuna's Dive Sites at Alor":
1. Varuna's Point
2. Never - Never wall
3. Cave Point
4. Barrel Sponge Wall
5. Sunfish - mola Point
6. Night Snacks
7. Alor Expree / Alor Dreaming
8. Rocky Point
9. Three Coconuts
10. Moving Pictures
11. Eagle Ray Point
12. Rahim's Point
13. Tuna Channel
14. Anemone Country
15. Sharks Reeway
16. Octopus Garden
17. Captain's Choice
18. The Refrigerator

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