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Banda Island,Indonesia.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

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The Banda Islands are one of the famous tourist destination in Indonesia for divers. Both are expert divers and beginners will enjoy the dive area with depths ranging from shallow areas between Banda Neira and Gunung Api to a vertical wall on the island of Hatta. Banda Island offer stunning tropical scenery, a story that will not be forgotten, the people are friendly, and diverse coral reefs of the original.

Scuba activities are activities that are new on the island, but the pioneering divers did not need hard work to this sensation of scuba. The undersea world around Ambon and the nearby island of Saparua has several dive sites with a high rating. In addition to the reef wall, the presence of a large marine life: sharks, turtles, a group of Napoleon Wrasse, giant groupers, tuna, and lobster are great, accompany a variety of reef fish.

Banda Island, located approximately 132 Km southeast of Ambon, consists of three large islands and seven small islands, at the height of the deepest ocean edges Indonesia, Banda Sea. Close to Manuk Island, water depth reaches more than 6,500 meters. Of the three largest islands: the island of Banda, Banda-Neira Island and Volcano Island, the first two islands are covered with nutmeg trees and other vegetation, while the third island, is overgrown with trees and volcanic landless. The seas around Banda are the site of the most famous Maluku sea gardens with their bright corals and colorful fish in crystal clear waters and make it perfect for darting through the dive, snorkel or just to look around.

Banda Island Diving places:
Sonegat: The nearest dive for a good diver is only five minutes from the hotel when using a boat. Located in sonegat-sea arm "between Banda Neira and Gunung Api, just offshore from a little seaside house owned by Des Alwi, the Bandas most famous son. The depth of the water is steep and the wall extends 25 meters down the beach. There are few fish in this area, but a good measure of dogtooth tuna contained in this area and some fish blue girdled and emperor angelfish are pretty well contained herein.

Keraka Island: Island Keraka or Crab Island are just minutes away, and protecting the northern passage door-Neira Island Volcano. A stretch of sand on the north coast is perfect for picnics. On the south coast, there are several mini-wall as high as 18 meters are covered with hundreds of large blue and yellow tunicates. Turning to the east coast, you can see at a depth of 10 meters, a variety of reef fish and a bunch of half meter long barracudas.

Sjahrir Island and Stone Ship: Island Sjahrir or formerly known as Banana Island and Stone Vessel only 20 minutes from the hotel in Banda-Neira by boat. The two sites combine well for a morning dive, seuah picnic on the beach, and an afternoon dive.

Gunung Api: In the month May, 1988, an explosion from this mountain has killed almost all offshore coral formations around Gunung Api there, but the amazing variety of sponges spread. Some corals are beginning to grow back, but the landscape still leaves a great sea pallor in the absence of walls off Gunung Api. The bottom slopes gradually to 30-35 meters.

Ejection Island: The outer edge of the palm island, which represents part of the rim of a sunken caldera, offers several good dive sites.

Holland Stone: In this place, you will find a variety of barrel and tube sponges, and small caves and crannies. The fish were plentiful varied and diverse: a group of snappers, large emperor, and blue-girdled angelfish, wrasses, large pinnate bat-fish and a variety bannerfish.

Ai Island: Together with Hatta Island, this island offers the best dive sites on the island of Banda. Both in the north and south and west of the island of Ai, surrounded by reef wall is perfect, that is not flat and full of caves, the habitat that harbors fish.

Hatta Island: Hatta Island is only 25 km from the island of Banda-Neira. Skaru a coral atoll and below sea level can be found several hundred yards from the southern island of Hatta. On a rock that appears on the surface of the earth, you can see the parade of unicornfish, Fusiliersm Jack Fish and Rainbow Runners, often seen Whitetip Sharks (almost 2 meters) and Dogtoothed Tuna, Napoleon Wrasse, and Hawksbill Turtles.

Getting There
To reach Ambon, you can perform through Denpasar flight via Ujung Pandang.
To Reach the island of Banda, you can do a flight from Ambon by small plane / Merpati Airlines,
or you can try this: a flight from Ujung Pandang to Ambon, then you have to wait for the ferry (operated once every two weeks), and stay at the Bandas for 17 days until the ferry returned.
Where to Stay
There are a few accommodations and very inexpensive to settle in around the island of Banda, which you can choose a variety of prices and amenities.

Many days can be spent around this fertile island. Spices are still grown here and the local people still make traditional food and snacks using spices that are very rare and sought after. The roads to see the forts Netherlands, visiting nutmeg plantations. The trek up Gunung Api will surely leave an unforgettable impression with stunning views around the island of Banda-Neira

Dining Guide
There are only a few restaurants with a variety of foods Indonesia

Hand Fruit
Try to buy some local souvenirs or traditional food and snacks.

Things to See or Do
For non peselam, do not worry will experience boredom, because in addition to snorkeling activities in Banda-Neira, there are several tennis courts and a short trip around Banda Neira. For those who bring the kids, they can swim in calm waters or watch the sharks, fish, and turtles.

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