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Candi Cetho,Indonesia.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

 hi all this time I will post about the two temples which have little smell sex and adult
but not are not true .. but this is reality
this is the uniqueness of this temple we just discussed the temple is the Temple Cetho and Temple Sukuh
ok first we discuss the Temple Cetho

The temple is situated in the hamlet Cetho Cetho, Gumeng Village, District Jenawi, Karanganyar District, at an altitude of 1.400m above sea level. Is a Hindu temple relics of the end of the Majapahit (15th century).In front of the gate we found a pair of guardian statues. Entering the gate, we found this temple there are nine levels of terraces. The temple actually has thirteen tiers Cetho terraces, but only nine levels restored staircase. On the second terrace we got information that this page is a place petilasan Ki Ageng Krincingwesi, Cetho ancestral village.On the third terrace there is a stone structure that forms a giant turtle that supposedly as a symbol of Majapahit. In front of the head of a turtle are symbols phallus (male genitalia) 2 meter equipped with a decorative piercing (piercing) of type ampallang. The tortoise is a symbol of the creation of the universe while the penis is a symbol of human creation. darii suryasengkala
On the next terrace there are stone reliefs that tell the story of Sudhamala, almost like reliefs contained in Sukuh. On each terrace there are two pendapa flanking the road to building utama.berangka Saka year 1373, or 1451 AD.In the seventh terrace there is a pair of
statues. On the north side of the statue and in the south statue Sabdapalon Nayagenggong, two half-mythical figures (many consider the fact they are one people) are believed to be the servant and the spiritual advisor to King UB V.Before entering the highest terrace there is the pass to the left leading to the temple Kethek and Puri Saraswati. But we kept walking up the stone steps to the highest terrace. Finally we reached the highest terrace of the main building contained. On this terrace there is some gazebo made of wood. The gazebo is still used for worship for Hindus and those who Kejawen wing.The main temple buildings Cetho almost similar to the entrance gate Sukuh with trapezoid-shaped front section. It is said that this place has the same myth with Sukuh is to test the virginity of a girl.

Interesting is not it?
go and prove
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