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Candi Pringapus,Indonesia.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

 hy all readers nakarasido hita
this time I will post the temple in Indonesia are no less interesting to other temples, we just read the info temples

Pringapus temple was first recognized by the foreign researchers Junghuhn 1844, other writings by Hoopermans in 1865 and Veth in 1878. Rather complete description in writing Knebel year 1911/1912. Subsequently in 1930 the Office of Archeological conduct the restoration of the temple Pringapus.Location Pringapus temple adjacent to residential areas and paddy fields. This temple occupies an area of ​​30m x 20m and is only there was a temple that conditions are still intact although the roof was not complete.
Temple establishment Pringapus background is unknown but can be deduced from the inscriptions found in temple Perot is located 300 meters from the Temple Pringapus. The inscription was named Bone Water I and II that have been deposited in the National Museum of Indonesia. The contents of the inscription mentions that the inscription was issued on 2 months Asada paroterang day Aditya, Pahing, Tunglai (Sunday Pahing parikelan Tunglai) Saka year 772 or 850 AD June 15. It also mentioned the King Rakai Pikatan.As the temple in general, is a replication Mahameru Pringapus temple the abode of the gods. To give emphasis on this, the Pringapus temple decorated with reliefs antefiq or simbar and Hapsara-Hapsari. At the top there is a carving Kala entrance that embodies the giant magic to defeat all the gods.

When these have carved claw and the lower jaw can be found in temples built in the early period as Dieng temple complex, but did not develop in Prambanan and the surrounding area but to develop in the temples located in East Java.There are similarities with the Temple and Temple Gedongsongo Dieng, the entire front wall of the temple Pringapus in a closed condition. Only the west wall, which is open because it serves as a doorway. Right there on the left tendrils motifs and reliefs god. Entering the temple entrance, there is a statue Nandhi on the inside. Conditions are still pretty well maintained although the statues inside the temple walls wet from rain water seepage.Actually we wanted to Temple Perot, but according to the duty officer, all the ruins of the temple was moved to Temple Pringapus page.

LocationPringapus Village, District Ngadirejo, County Waterford

Nice Temple 

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