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Candi Sukuh,Indonesia.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

 ok as I said two temples that I post this time about anything to do with sex and adult
The first temple is the Temple Cetho and this time we discussed the temple Sukuh

The temple is located in the village Sukuh Berjo, District Ngargoyoso, Karanganyar regency, Central Java. Sukuh is a unique Hindu temple in Java, built in the late 15th century Majapahit kingdom era. Temple structure consisting of eight terrace has its own meaning and function. The main building of the temple architecture is similar to Mayan temples in Yucatan. Rock used different stones used to build the temple in Central Java. Rock on Sukuh somewhat reddish color type andesite.This temple was first
discovered in a state of collapse in 1815 by the Resident of Surakarta, Johnson. In the period 1842-1910 and an inventory of
research conducted by a number of archaeological Netherlands. In 1928 a new restoration conducted by the Department of Antiquities.Entering Sukuh there are 3 and 3 Gate Terrace. We started with the first set we were on the porch at the front of the main gate there are still intact. But there was dibagin locked door so we headed to the first through the side porch. Arch form is unique due to its position not perpendicular but tilted as trapezium modelon the first gate there is a Sangkala in the Java language, which reads abara wong blind arches. Meaning in Indonesian is "Gate of the giants prey on humans". These words have meaning 9, 5, 3, and 1. If you get behind the Saka year 1359 or in 1437 Masehi.dengan roof above it.Go to the second terrace, we passed the second gate that looks are no longer intact. The only remaining gate of the high wall was limited to the stairs up and not roofed. On the right and left gate there is a statue of a doorman or Dwarapala but his condition has been corrupted and its shape is unclear.At the second gate there is a candrasangkala also in the Java language, which reads wiku anahut elephant's tail. Meaning in Indonesian is "Elephant tail biting priest". These words have meaning 8, 7, 3, and 1. If you get behind the Saka year 1378 or the year 1456 AD.Entering the third terrace, the third gate condition is the same as the second gate which are no longer intact. In this third terrace there is a large courtyard with the main temple and some relief on the left as well as the statues on the right. When compared to other temples, the shape is very different and unique. There are a few sex symbols that are not found in other temples. several sculptures and statues depict the embodiment of male genitalia Linga and Yoni as the embodiment of female genitalia.The main temple is similar to the shape of the vagina, according to some experts it is created to test the virginity of girls. According to the story, if a girl is still virgin climb, then her hymen will tear and bleed. But if he is not a virgin anymore, so when stepping stones of these steps, the fabric will wear torn and detached.Then on the left side of the main temple there is a series of reliefs that are the main mythology Sukuh and several statues of animals such as wild boar (wild boar) and saddled elephant. However, some statues have been moved to Heritage Hall officeRelief Song of Sudamala contains stories about the story or Sahadev Sahadewa, youngest son of the Five Pandavas who pursued the two giants Kalantaka and Kalanjaya, accompanying Batari Durga who later was defeated by Bhima giant.The right side of the temple there are statues of eagles that are part of the story quest Tirta Amrita (Water of life) Adiparwa contained in the book, the first book of the Mahabharata. The Garuda is said to save his mother from sekapan dragon. Finally your tour ends at this attraction and we leave this attraction.=== LocationSukuh Berjo Village, District Ngargoyoso, Karanganyar regency, Central Java coordinates are 07 ° 37 ° 38.85 East Longitude and 111 ° 07 ° South Latitude 52.65

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