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Lake Linting,North Sumatera,Indonesia.

Friday, September 30, 2011

hy all readers nakarasido hita
I thought for a moment with the info my friend reported to me interesting places in North Sumatra.
he tells it with a seriousness that makes me a serious hearin
this time I will divide and give the tourist info
Faithful readers may Nakarasido Hita also liked the place. just like me
Natural tourist attraction located in the Village District Senembah Sibunga-Tanjung Bunga Muda (STM) Hulu, Kabupaten Deli Serdang, North Sumatra it only takes an hour from the city of Lubuk Pakam on a motorbike. From Medan, watery blue lake this bias is achieved in about an hour and forty five minutes.
According to people who've been to Lake-rolled, this attraction can be
relied upon. Unfortunately, no one has a touch of local government. There are still many visitors who litter.
But forget about it, water and natural beauty offered by the Lake-rolled to make visitors forget the government's attention has not been given. Looking at that blue water in the lake area of ​​about 1 ha was calm effect. Very exotic.
Many people who come just sit around looking at the lake. Still, a few visitors also spend time to bathe here. Only, you are reminded to always be careful. That said, the lake is very deep, and almost unknown where the shallow part. Until now, not yet known how the actual depth of this lake.
According to residents in the location, history rolled Lake began as a fissure of volcanic events. Here, we can see a fairly high sulfur content. The smell of sulfur is quite oppressive. "Formerly this location was a high hill. One day feels the vibrations are strong enough, and a few months later the hill was turned into a beautiful lake, "said one resident.
The trip to Lake rolled too exciting. This location is easily accessible because the road to this place is not so bad. Along the way, you'll be presented with the green trees on the side of the road. Arrived at the scene, fresh and comfortable atmosphere you will feel.

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