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Pura Kehen,Bali.Indonesia.

Monday, September 12, 2011

hy all this time I posted about the temples in Bali that is not inferior to other ostensibly
direct let us see

Temple is located at the foot of his will the south of Bangli Hill, in the neighborhood Pakuwon residential area which is a region of Bangli town, about 45 kilometers from Denpasar city. In front of the temple there are temples will of storage the contents of which 3 pieces of inscriptions relating to the existence of the will Pura. According to Dr. R. Goris three tablets was the will of a temple inscription prasti type Yumu PAKATAHU from the 9th century, Temple will of B inscription Saka year 971 issued by the Child and the Inscription Wungsu Saka Year 1126 issued by King Sri Adi Kuntiketana.In the 9th century, based on the will of Inscriptions Temple A Temple, his will called by the name "Hyang Api" in the next period ie in the 13th century based on the inscriptions issued by King Sri Adi kuntiketana Pura name the will is "the will Hyang" Hyang Api and Hyang the will have an identical meaning for the word "the will" is derived from the word "Cool" is a place of fire called "Anglo" or the fire place to bersaji "The fire of Homa". Cool is the word that turned into his will, so that the will of the same Hyang pengertiaanya with so-called will of the temple.
Pura function based on the data will of inscriptions and other data that implied that his will is one of the Pura Pura Keraajaan that diayomi by the king, while the implementation of the ceremony and handed over to the village built it Pakraman stempat.The structure of his will styled terraced temple page, indicate the presence of megalithic tradition which continued as a symbol of the presence of mountain sebabagi one potential source of fertility. Meanwhile, the concept of structuring the page consists of three pages, is a cornerstone concept of "Tri Loka" namely:

Page 1 is a side Jaba Bhur Loka is a natural lower
Page 2 is the Middle Jaba Bwah loka innards as the middle of nature.
Page 3 is Offal as Swah natural Loka or heaven above.Each page is bordered by a wall with a gate as a place Penyengker out.

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