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Pura Melanting,Bali,Indonesia.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

hy everything.
this time I'll post about the temple in Bali.
This temple is different from other Pretending that there is in Bali ..
want to know?
ok let's read together

Pura Melanting include religious and cultural aspects are very important position in the life of the community to provide Bhoga, Upa Bhoga and Pari Bhoga, towards the fair, prosperous and prosperous. The market is one place to indulge to pursue Jagathita (bliss body) as a place providing clothing materials, food and shelter and do not neglect the spiritual interests of the temple Melantingnya. With the
technological advancement the market has undergone many changes both in infrastructure facilities but so was the state temple Melanting from simple shapes to form more permanent.
Although this does not alter the function of the temple but retains its function as it should be by the Hindu community and religious values ​​did not fade proved the persistence of the belief in Bhatari Melanting. It also makes one of the attractions the island to tourists.Pura Melanting story is quite interesting. Believe it or not, this mystical tale is still frequently discussed today. Pura Pura Melanting is one that was built to commemorate the visit of a Hindu priest from Java, ie Danghyang Nirartha. This temple is believed to be the place where his eldest daughter, Ida Swabawa, berstana here.This temple is located in the middle of a forest in the foothills of Pemuteran, North Bali. A large parking lot available for visitors and a few stalls lined the surrounding area provide drinks and snacks. The atmosphere is rather quiet forest has been turned into a bit crowded with street lights that stretched across the sides of roads and parking lots. To reach this area from the main road Pemuteran, there is a narrow path through a grove of trees and houses of the inhabitants.From the parking lot you can see the stairs, and we need to climb into the temple complex. Two large statues of dragons adorn the main gate and down the stairs of the temple will look magnificent. On the way to the main gate there is a small place where people will pray and put them Bantam get holy water to cleanse their minds before they go further into the main section.Like most temples in Bali, after we entered the main gate of temple where people were preparing for the Bantam-Bantam them. After that there is a major part of the founding of the great temples and beautiful. The building of this temple was rebuilt by the government and redesigned by a leading architect of Bali, Ida Bagus Tugur. Tranquility of this place creates a perfect atmosphere for people to offer their prayers and to meditate. Some people come at night, especially for meditation. Scenery can be seen from the Temple sangant incredible, the green hills surrounding the temple, and from the main temple we can see the blue Java Sea. Cold wind and the sound of living in the forest is soothing the soul.The Stakeholders, which administers the temple is very friendly to visitors. They have an information section where you can rent Kamben and get some information about this temple. Hindu society, who came to pray at the temple, not only from the local area, but from all over the island of Bali and also from outside Bali. Religious activities in this temple took place day and night. At night the atmosphere in the temple would be more mystical and mysterious.

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