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Pura Pulaki,Bali,Indonesia.

Friday, September 9, 2011

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Pulaki temple stands on a rocky cliff directly overlooking the sea. In the background lies a rocky steep hill that only occasionally appear green during the rainy season. This temple looks majestic, strong and great, precisely because it stands in a place very difficult. Moreover, the displayed scene is so captivating. If standing in the temple and then looked forward, not just the sea that will seem but a cluster of small hills to the west-shaped
peninsula. Monkeys that live around the temple, though impressed fierce, it also creates its own charm.Located in the village of Pura Pulaki Banyupoh Gerokgak District, Buleleng, about 53 kilometers west of Singaraja city. This
temple is situated on the edge of the highway department-Gilimanuk Singaraja, so that Hindus will always stop to pray when passing from Gilimanuk to Singaraja, or vice versa. But if you want to worship a gang, people can come when held piodalan series that began in Sasih Purnama Kapat. Pura Pulaki history can not be described accurately. However, from various pieces of data that remains, the history of the temple at least, can be traced from prehistoric times.In the area Pulaki Pura, Pura Melanting around, around 1987 found some tools made of stone tools, including pulp-shaped stone, shaped axes and other tools. Based on that, and seen from the layout and structure of the temple, then presumably the background of establishment Pura Pulaki initially associated with prehistoric societies that worship means a building shaped staircase.On the other hand, viewed from where the temple is located in the Gulf Pulaki Pulaki and has many fresh water springs, the area is thought to be visited by humans since centuries ago. Pulaki area becomes quite crowded by commercial boats that require water as an indispensable ingredient in a voyage to the Java and the Moluccas. In fact, the likelihood at that time had no effect in the form of barter trade. Goods that may result from Pulaki region is sugar from palm sap. It builds up to now were still found in the papyrus plant along the east coast of Gilimanuk, including Pulaki.Other data about Pulaki was the discovery of the temple piece that looks like a temple in the kingdom of Kediri. Found in the Temple Belatungan 1987. From that data, then the conclusion Pura Pulaki existence as a holy place has been around since prehistoric times and disappeared after the presence of Dang Hyang Nirarta with Pura Pulaki dipralinakannya events around 1489 AD. Pura Pulaki existence without occupants in scale for quite some time. Pura Pulaki disappeared from sight and regional scale is practically empty from 1489 until about 1920 or for about 431 years. But before that, from the prehistoric period until the presence of Dang Hyang Nirarta Batara Ida in 1489, Temple Pulaki still remains as a place of worship, both prehistoric people who executed, the Baliaga the Vaishnava sect that developed Rsi Markandeya and the followers of Tri Sakti by the symbol three lotus flowers that are red, black and white were picked from a pool of Dang Hyang Nirarta obtained in the belly of the dragon in Pulaki.

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