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Pura Sakenan,Bali,Indonesia.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

 hy all loyal readers Nakarasido Hita .. 
Yesterday was the same as the posting of the Temple in Bali 
this time we will update the neighbor temple is no less interesting. 
Patience is not ..? 
ok let's read together
Sakenan temple is located on the island of Attack, Attack Village, South Denpasar. Or celestial temple was built by the MPU MPU Rajakretha Kuturan or simultaneously with the construction of several other temples in the reign of king husband and wife Sri Masula Masuli.In the papyrus of Usana Bali others mentioned, also called MPU MPU Kuturan Rajakretha. He built the temple based on the concept that he brought from the Majapahit (East Java), Bali is
applied at all. Regarding Sri Masula bertahtanya Masuli in Bali can be known
from inscriptions Sading Village, Mengwi, Badung. The inscription is Icaka years 1172 or 1250 AD There are called, the King of Sri Masula Masuli became king in Bali since Icaka 1100 (1178 AD). This king ruled for 77 years. That is, he ended his reign Icaka circa 1177 (1255 AD).When Danghyang Nirartha traveling around Bali to visit the holy places, he arrived on the island of attack as well. Then, on the west coast of the island was built temple attack. There, Danghyang Nirartha can unify his thoughts directly. Regarding this event, in Dwijendra Tattwa, among others described as follows.; "... After Danghyang Nirartha purify themselves in the Mount Umbrella, and then he proceeded to hug the coast the sea is very beautiful and fascinating to the north. The beach is gorgeous enough to be passed white sand gives a dazzling natural beauty, coupled with herembusnya winds and seas that could refresh his body. "Then again stated, "In this way then he see two small islands of Nusa DWA. Danghyang Nirartha On this island again to release the weary to rest, and here he set rhyme or kakawin Anjangsana Nirartha. When finished recording and collating all things related with this poem, Danghyang Nirartha longer continue the journey to the north. "Not told how the case on its way, came Danghyang Nirartha on a small island that is attack. On the west coast of the island of attack, Danghyang Nirartha rest while admiring the beauty of its surroundings. In that place he felt and witnessed the harmonious blend between the mainland island of attack by the sea that surrounds it. Therefore, Danghyang Nirartha resolved and decided to stay and spend the night a few days there.Finally, there Danghyang Nirartha build palinggih (shrine) in the Temple or heaven Sakenan. Sakenan cakya comes and says that means it can directly integrate the mind. Pujawali or piodalan at Temple Sakenan falls on every 210 days, on Saturday POND, wara Brass, coinciding with the feast of Brass. While keramaiannya Umanis held on Sunday, wara Langkir.There are important things that should at least be considered by the people or who want Tangkil ngaturang pemedek cult or bersembayang to Sakenan temple. That said, this is still ambiguous place. What often happens, people do worship at Sakenan Pura Dalem (temple on the western edge) and at Pura Agung arrangement (on the east Dalem Sakenan), then straight home.In pasamuan or meeting at Temple Sakenan nyanggra piodalan already held, explained that praying is a package deal. That is, pemedek should pray (1) to the temple structure Wadon - about 0.5 miles to the east Sakenan temple), (2) to the Pura Agung composition, and (3) to the Pura Dalem Sakenan - in most western pelingih at the seaside shaped Padmasana.In literary studies, this series could be in search of the word temple Wadon Composition, Structure of the Great, and the Pura Dalem Sakenan. There is a sense Purusa, Pradhana and composition of the Supreme is the Linga, Yoni and composition of the Supreme is the union between Purusa and Pradana - maharoh unification with the self as the origin of every living thing. This understanding is found, hence the birth Pura MPU Kuturan Sununan Wadon Lanang and Composition.Even with the presence of Dang Hyang Nirartha, also same thing happened. Thus, as a tribute to him, then dibuatkanlah pelinggih Pura Dalem Sakenan which is the union between Shiva and Buddha.

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