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Pura Taman Ayun,Bali,Indonesia.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

 Hy. today I come back to post about the temple as usual PLACE temple is still in bali
length should not we just headed topic we will discuss,

Taman Ayun Temple is a huge complex, located in District Mengwi, Badung, Bali, approximately 18 miles from the heart of Denpasar City. After we passed the entrance, spacious well-tended gardens welcoming, with green grass that is really beautiful, but unfortunately on a hot day this can become very heavy because there are no large trees to provide shade in this park. When we look for shade, rear garden is the answer. It would be nice
to walk on cobblestone streets under the big trees by the sound ditemanani birds were singing.
Taman Ayun literally translated as a beautiful garden and is considered one of the most interesting temples in Bali. Built in 1634 by King Mengwi, I Gusti Agung Putu. This temple is bordered by a wide river that irrigates the rice fields around the site. This temple is dedicated to the ancestors Kingdom Mengwi and other important gods. Taman Ayun Temple is considered as the "Temple Room" for the Kingdom of Mengwi.To enter the temple complex, we have to cross the bridge connecting the temple complex and the main road. There is a small temple as guardians of the entrance on the left and right. There is also a big wantilan (open space), a place where ceremonies are often held Tabuh Rah. There is also a fountain with nine shower.Entering the second gate, there is a bale with Dewata Nawa Sanga carvings are amazing, a god who guarded the nine cardinal directions. The second page is a central Jaba, and in this area, there is a high Kulkul Bale stands majestically like a skyscraper. Kulkul is the traditional media to communicate. Kulkul used to summon villagers to gather together. Kulkul sound may vary according to the kegaiatan what will be done by the community.The most sacred temple dalah Jaba Jero. This place has three gates. The gate in the center is only opened when the activities carried out religious ceremonies. This door serves as the exit and entrance to the sacred statues and other sacred instruments for ceremonial activities. Two other door on the right and left for everyday use. On this page there are several Meru in various shapes and sizes.Three pages in the temple complex is a symbol of the three levels of the cosmic world. The first is a place for humans, the second is where the spirit or atma, and the main page is a place where the Lord, which is a symbol of heaven. In an ancient tale entitled Adhiparwa, said that the entire temple complex of Mount Mahameru illustrates that float in the ocean of milk.

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