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Pura Ulun Danu Batur,Bali.Indonesia.

Monday, September 12, 2011

 hy all
two days post makes me even less familiar to readers
2 days because lately I have something to do so did not have time to post separately
but now and the next day I will regularly post, promise
baikalah this time the posts are linked on the temple in Bali.
let's see

Pura Ulun Danu Batur is in Batur village in which it looks down at crater of Batur Mountain in a famous Kintamani plateau as scenic sites. Pura Ulun Danu Batur enshrines patron saint Ida Batara Dewi Ulun Danu (Dewi Ulun Danu) in Batur lake. Dewi Ulun Danu is called a goddess that rules the water supply.
Jaya Bangus to have reigned as king in the 11th century. He lived with wife's Dewi Danu and son's Maya Denawa. High priest Rim and woman apprentice
Kan Ten Wi came from China to Bali, there have visited him. 2 people with it agreed with the king
decided to live in Bali. Time Passes, he transferred king seat to Maya Denawa. However, Maya Denawa believed in Buddha Hinayana. Buddha Hinayana explains a bad teaching the Buddhism. Jaya Bangus that knew it feared the disorder of the society by Maya Denawa, and Maya Denawa was banished from the area. Banished Maya Denawa went to the southern part, and built his castle. And, he believed in Buddha Hinayana. The power of Maya Denawa was expanded every year, and deprived of the territory of Jaya Bangus at last. Dewi Danu died of sickness by this one anxiety. Afterwards, Jaya Bangus remarried with woman apprentice Kan Ten Wi who loved it secretly. And, 3 people (Jaya Bangus, Kan Ten Wi, high priest Rim)moved to Batur Mountain and lived so that is was chased. However, Kan wasn't blessed with the baby. Kan entreated Jaya Bangus to "I want you to build the temple on this ground. And, I want you to build Buddha's shrine together". And, Jaya Bangus built Pura Ulun Danu Batur.

This temple was originally in the foot in the south of Batur Mountain. This is because it is a northeast side where this temple is a sacred direction in view of the village. This temple received big damage because of the large eruption of Batur Mountain of 1917 and 1926. Lava didn't come to the temple. However, the company was buried by the volcanic ash. Villagers decided this temple to be moved from Batur lake side to a present position in 1926. And, villagers received the cooperation of the Dutch colony government, and moved the temple and the village together. Now since this temple grows, a lot of Hindus are visiting as Hinduism Buddha's temple. It is possible to worship it from people as a fertility god now.
Ulun Danu means "Top in lake" in Indonesian language. Because the place with this temple was originally a position where the sun rises in view of the village, it became this name.
There is a gate where the shape of the flame with power was had. The arrangement of the tower and the building imitates the Mandala. This temple in the high ground is called "Temple on the cloud".
Compound temple that consists of temple of nine or more. There are a lot of some layers "Mel", and the appearance that built in the fog is very fantastic.
Batur lake is being managed by the water-utilization co-operative association named Subak. And, water is supplied to the rice field in Bangli, Klungkung, and Gianyar region. Therefore, villagers in the region also visit a shrine in this temple. There is a fountain where holy water springs up in the south of Batur lake. The people coming to draw the holy water don't discontinue.
The full moon festival held in around October every year is very grand, and a lot 

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