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Sengigi Beace,Lombok,Indonesia.

Friday, September 23, 2011

hy all my loyal readers.
still on the Tour in Lombok. this time we will find out info on a nice beach at Kuta Beach Indonesia apart.
Directly we read together

Senggigi Beach is a famous tourist spot in Lombok. Located on the west coast of the island of Lombok. Senggigi beach is not as big as Kuta Beach in Bali, but immediately we were here will feel like being in Kuta Beach, Bali. Coastal beaches are still beautiful, although there are still leaves that are still strewn garbage because it is rarely cleaned.

Directly overlooking the sea towards the Straits of Lombok, Senggigi Beach became a center of maritime tourism in the island of Lombok. Waves of the sea is calm and gently sloping coastal areas became a fun place to swim while enjoying the view of Mount Agung (Bali) are visible from this place. Come twilight start over, lying on the sand of Senggigi tan while watching the sunset into an unforgettable experience.

Fresh air plus views of the sky that gives color finest blend of blue, orange, white, reddish adds exoticism to this beach. The most suitable place to enjoy the sunset on the beach is a headland near the Senggigi Beach Hotel. There are ladders that can be used for lounging while enjoying the sun began to hide. Malimbu region could also be a place to see sunset at Senggigi from a height.

Can also look for other spots such as behind Santosa Beach Hotel. In this place, tend to be more quiet than the cape Senggigi Beach Hotel. Tourists can also see the activities of the fishermen who started his boat parked on the beach. Also provided wooden chairs and a beach volleyball court.

During the afternoon, young children Lombok usually begin to arrive from all over to gather and enjoy the view of the sun that sank at around 18:30 pm. At that time, the position of the sun right in the middle so that its light bounces perfectly across the sea of ​​Senggigi. Accompanied with warm roasted corn, young children seem Lombok is soluble in the beautiful coastal scenery.

Although somewhat a tourist area that has been growing very rapidly, Senggigi beach is still quite clean. Under lautanya scenery has also been mentioned are still very beautiful. You can do snorkeling activities here.

Not only the views of the beach is the main attraction area of ​​Senggigi, but also entertainment centers are scattered along this coast until the early hours. Starting from the cafes, seafood restaurants, karaoke bars to be very easy to meet.

Transportation and Lodging in Senggigi

Senggigi beach is quite easily achieved because it is a tourist area that has developed in Lombok. In addition, the distance is only about 12 kilometers northwest of Mataram can be reached by car or motorcycle rental. To hire a car and driver charge around Rp 300,000 for an eight-hour trip. As for the motorcycle which is about Rp 100,000. Other means of transportation that can be used to Mataram Senggigi of the Blue Bird or Express taxis that charge could reach Rp 30000-40000.

If you want to use public transport from Mataram, will be very difficult. Because, in the town of Mataram public transit more visible is a taxi or motorcycle taxi. If you still want to use public transport, you can ride motorcycles up to Ampenan. From there, you can climb bemo (a kind of public transportation) are already available from 06:00 at a rate of Rp 1,500 to the Senggigi.

If you plan to stay in the area of ​​Senggigi many options that you can live in hotels ranging from five star hotels like Hotel Sheraton Senggigi until jasmine-class hotels and lodgings are widely spread in this region. For jasmine-class hotels and lodgings, rates per night which is about Rp 80,000-Rp 150,000 per night.

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