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Thursday, September 22, 2011

hy all readers nakarasido.
See you again, this time I'll post about tourism in Lombok.
I will post one by one so always update continues
ok we just read this tourist info

Suranadi Park is one of the mainstay of tourism on the island of Lombok. Therefore it is not surprising that tourism seems to never empty of visitors, especially on holidays.
To go to a tourist attraction, only reached by approximately 10 minutes from the airport Selaparang, Mataram. The distance between the two do not count much, only about 15 kilometers.
Suranadi Park is located in District Narmada, West Lombok regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province
The goal was to improve the function of setting a good conservation of flora / fauna and ecosystems, in order to achieve environmental compatibility and is used as the object of recreation, education, culture, research and tourism.
So, for the tourists, fatigue (jetleg) during flight, it will pay off already with the won
derful treats Suranadi Parks and cool. Moreover, in front of Park Suranadi too many sellers of various local specialties, including bulayak satay, satay with rice cake wrapped in palm leaves (bulayak).
In addition, on-site Suranadi Park itself also presents a crystal clear spring water and cool. Five springs are located in the three temples, the Pura Ulon located in the northeast corner, and Pura Pura Pengentas Cleaners located in the southwest. Water in the springs were considered sacred and often used as a requirement in carrying out religious ceremonies.
In the Temple Cleansing, actors used to cleanse ritual suicide by a shower of spring cleaning, and continued to worship near the source of the water before proceeding to the temple Ulon. While at the temple gate pelukatan Ulon available water is used malukat to people who enter the temple.
Therefore considered sacred, no one was allowed to bathe in these springs. Visitors are only allowed to bathe in water that has been channeled out.
That said, the water from these springs, in particular meeting the water from two springs, ie springs and tirta pelukatan known as pecampuhan, has a property, primarily to maintain health and fitness

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