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Tana Toraja ,Indonesia.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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this time I'll post about a very unique tribe in Indonesia. That article I took from other people's blogs
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Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi has long been famous for its natural scenic mountains are unique and customary rituals. The most famous, of course, Solo Signs That party was held the funeral respected figure.Each That year the party took place in Several places in Toraja is always inviting the arrival of Thousands wisatawan.Selain Signs Solo, there's Actually a rare nan traditional rituals in Toraja, namely
Ma 'Nene', the ritual of cleaning and clothes Replacing Ancestral Remains.

This ritual is only known to the public Baruppu in rural North Toraja. Typically, Ma 'Nene' held every August. When Ma 'Nene' progress, the coffins of the fathers, leaders and parents, kicked out of the tombs and stone canal and placed in the arena of the ceremony.There, relatives and the relatives had gathered. Slowly, they issued a corpse (either still intact or living bones) and replace the clothes that inherent in the body of the corpse with a baru.Mereka treat the corpse as if it was alive and remain the big family.Ritual Ma 'Nene' by society Baruppu regarded as a manifestation of their love of the ancestors, figures and relatives who had died. They remain hopeful, ancestral spirits to keep them from malicious interference, crop pests, as well as bad luck to live.Ritual Origin of Ma 'Nene' in BaruppuThe story mentions hereditary, at ancient beast lies the a hunter named Pong Rumasek.While hunting in the mountainous forest areas Balla, instead found a wild animal, he instead found the body of someone who has long passed away. The body was lying under the trees, abandoned, living bones.Feeling pity, Pong Rumasek then treating the corpse can. The bones were wrapped with clothes she wore, and then placed in the area is roomy and feasible. After that, Pong Rumasek continue the hunt.No warning, since the incident, every time Pong Rumasek hunting, he always get great results. Herded like animals into the forest itself. Not only that, when he got home, Pong Rumasek find any rice in the fields of yellowing, pithy and are harvested before their time.Pong Rumasek regard, the entire fortune was earned thanks to the compassion he showed when treating a nameless corpse discovered while hunting. Since then, Pong Baruppu Rumasek and community bodies to glorify the ancestors, and relatives with a ceremonial figure Ma 'Nene'.In the ritual Ma 'Nene' there is also an unwritten rule that binds citizens. For example, if a wife or husband dies, the bereaved spouse must not remarry before holding Ma 'Nene' for him.When Ma 'Nene' was held, the nomads Baruppu origin scattered all over the country will return home to honor his ancestors.Residents Baruppu believe, if Ma 'Nene' is not held then the ancestors will also be spared to keep them. Disaster will hit, the disease will befall the people, rice fields and rice will not produce a pithy and fertile plants.

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