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Tanjung Aan Kuta,Lombok,Indonesia.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

hy all ... this time I'll post about that beach tourism in Lombok.
well. we see on the beach

Tanjung Aan is a headland in a row of beautiful beaches kuta lombok area .. white sand stretching from tip to tip may be several kilometers long beach. there is a small auxiliary hill jutting into the sea (cape), if viewed from the top of this rock-like tortoises, probably from the reason that the rock is often called also stone tortoise.

Many activities can be undertaken at this beach, is perfect when our family takes the trip to this beach. Reading from some of the experiences of friends who have first come to this beach many souvenir traders are * somewhat * forced to buy his wares. when we walked up the hill at the end of this beach and down again to the beach, we'll find a rock that looks unique, large at the top and a small stone in the neck ...
maybe because of the blows of the waves erode the bottom of the stone, this stone is very photogenic for our hobby with photography. But to reach the location of the stone is quite a sweat, especially if we intend to go to the rock during the day ... for the right time to come to this stone is at noon after noon, because if we come in the morning the sunken stone this was in shadow so that somewhat less good for the look and the photos.

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