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Wakatobi island,Indonesia.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

hy again meet again.
this time is still the same ie.
post where diving in Indonesia.
ok well we just read the info this time diving place
Wakatobi is located in the Wakatobi, Sulawesi Tenggara, Indonesia. Wakatobi is the capital of Wangi-Wangi. Wakatobi consists of four main islands, namely Wangiwangi, Kalidupa, Tomia, and Binongko. So, Wakatobi is an acronym for the name of the four main islands. Prior to December 18, 2003, the islands called the Isles Tukang Besi and still part of Buton District. Astronomically, Wakatobi located in the south of the equator and such other areas in Indonesia,
Wakatobi has two seasons, rainy and dry season. Wakatobi National Park, established in 1996, with a total area of ​​1.39 million hectares, about marine biodiversity and coral which occupies one of the highest priority position of marine conservation in Indonesia.

The beauty and richness of Wakatobi National Park area is already well known in foreign countries, especially after the Expedition Wallacea from Britain in 1995 which states that the area in Southeast Sulawesi is very rich in coral species. There, there are 750 of total 850 species of coral in the world. Configuring the depth varies from flat to sloping into the sea and waters in some areas there is a steep bertubir. The deepest part of the waters reaching 1044 meters.

Nautical tourism is the tourist activity that has long been recognized and is a mainstay of tourism in the Wakatobi National Park. The wealth of marine life is not because coral reefs are very broad along the waters with underwater topography, colorful like a slop, flats, drop-offs, atoll and the underwater cave.

More than 112 coral species from 13 families including Acropora formosa, A. Hyacinthus, Psammocora profundasafla, Pavona cactus, Leptoseris yabei, Fungia molucensis, Lobophyllia robusta, Merulina ampliata, Platygyra versifora, Euphyllia glabrescens, Tubastraea frondes, Stylophora pistillata, throchelliophorum Sarcophyton, and Sinularia spp living in harmony with other underwater inhabitants.

Fish species richness of this national park is owned as many as 93 species of fish including (Cephalopholus argus), takhasang (naso unicornis), pogo-pogo (Balistoides viridescens), napoleon (Cheilinus undulatus), red fish (Lutjanus biguttatus), rabbitfish (Siganus guttatus) , Amphiprion melanopus, Chaetodon specullum, Chelmon rostratus, Heniochus acuminatus, Lutjanus monostigma, Caesio caerularea, and others.

Wakatobi National Park is also home to several species of sea birds such as goose-Stone Chocolate (Sula leucogaster plotus), Malay plover (Charadrius peronii) and King Prawn Erasia (Alcedo atthis) nest. Several species of sea turtles also make this park their home such as hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), turtle jar (Caretta Caretta), and fission turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea).

Aquatic Wakatobi has a loyal guests who made the waters of the Wakatobi as a playground, the guest was none other than the sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus). Typically, a herd of sperm whales in the Wakatobi in November, while the other hemisphere frozen. In the month of Wakatobi relatively warmer waters and abundant food that could satiate the stomach herd of whales. Not only that Wakatobi is also a place to play Manta manta rays (Manta ray) is classified as a giant body size. Manta rays are one type of fish that distinctive and unique, which is only found in tropical waters.

The presence of 25 pieces of coral reef and deep waters make ideal Wakatobi National Park an ideal place for many species of marine life to live, making the inhabitants of the sea here has aesthetic value and high conservation.

Specifically Wakatobi Islands National Park surrounded by beaches of the islands and reefs along 600 km of coastal tourism potential to be managed, scattered throughout the Wakatobi region. So it's not without reason if the beach in the Wakatobi region is very suitable for tourism such as diving, snorkeling, swimming and fishing

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