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Andaliman,North Sumatera,Indonesia

Sunday, October 2, 2011

hy all my loyal readers,
this time I'll post something unique in my opinion,
ook well, to readers of this might be something new or you've heard,
for those of you who have ever walked the road to North Sumatra, Lake Toba, you will definitely find it.
ok curious?
well, we read the info.
Andaliman (zanthoxylum acanthopodium DC) is one type of herb that is only found in Toba Samosir regency and North Tapanuli, North Sumatra. This plant grows in the area of ​​1500 m altitude above sea level. Sign in or family citrus family Rutaceae-jerukan. If bitten by a smell of fragrant essential oils with a distinctive bitter flavor, so it stimulates saliva production.

Andaliman better known in Asia, like China, Japan, Korea and India. They call it Szechuan pepper. Suspected that this andaliman originally from China. Usually blended to food Mapo berkuah. Sin Jiang Muslim community andaliman grind with pepper, coriander and salt. Everything is roasted and then
made cocolan roasts.

Meanwhile in Japan and Korea, andaliman be decorated or to add spicy flavor to soups and noodles. Society Gujarat, Goa, in India has always slipped Maharasthtra andaliman as fish seasoning.

In areas Tapanuli, andaliman found growing wild on dry land in the highlands and low. Trunked tree is strong and does not propagate. The trunk knaggy many, small leaves, flowers like roses. On the whole trunk and branches filled with sharp thorns like a rose thorn. But thorn andaliman bigger and sturdy. Average tree height 2-4 m, rarely exceeding 5 meters. Working life of less than 7 years.

Fruit andaliman appeared and flanked the thorns. Small fruit granules, smaller than pepper. Stemmed fruit, such as leunca normally found in West Java. If the young fruit is green and turns red when ripe. Meanwhile, if dried to black.

In addition to the compulsory complementary flavor cuisine Batak, andaliman also contain compounds that act as antioxidants and antimicrobials. The fruit is also rich in vitamins C and E are useful for increasing endurance.

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