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Belitung island,Indonesia.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

hy .. a few days ago I saw on television there is tmepat beautiful beaches in Indonesia.
according to what I saw. the beach is very beautiful with stone boulders,
well suited to take good photographs there,
would also like to know what?
ok as usual I will tell you about the tourist info because that's my goal.
The beach on the island is almost entirely of soft white sand. Moreover, decorated with large stones. Gives the impression of the beach is very unique.
As a fairly popular tourist attractions on the island of Belitung is
Cape coast buried
Pantai Tanjung Kelayang
High headland beach
Bird Island
Galangal Island

To reach the island of Belitung there
are two access is through the aircraft and by ships. But for day trips we recommend to board the plane. Due to rising ship takes a long time, while the plane we need only one hour from Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta airport. Hanadjoedin airport in the town of Tanjung Pandan (Belitung).

From the city of Tanjung Pandan we can directly travel to exotic beaches in Belitung, such as coastal headland or promontory Kelayang high. Approximately 1 hour drive

If you want the bird to the island or islands galangal, from belitung can we go through the coastal headlands Kelayang to hire a fishing boat.

In addition belitung famous food is the seafood noodle Belitung. it feels good, its attractive appearance and the price is right dikantong. Under 10 thousands rupiah per serving. Noodles are noodles berkuah Belitung, where the sauce is sweet and slightly viscous. In addition, as a complement also can be encountered potatoes, tofu and shrimp. Very delicious for breakfast.
you should try the noodles belitung
Cape Coast High,
You know the movie Warriors of the rainbow? nah one of the shooting is a high promontory on the beach - Belitung. This white sandy beach and granite rocks have the greatest among other beaches. In the afternoon we met the family or the kids are playing the water at this beach. In the high promontory - belitung can we meet a lot of seafood restaurants. Who sells seafood dishes, and of course young coconut. Delicious is not located on a beautiful beach and enjoy the fresh young coconut?

Cape Coast Kelayang
From this beach can be seen scattered hundreds of granitic rocks in the sea or on shore, the beach is named Kelayang cape coast, because we can see a large granite stone that looks like a bird Kelayang. What does this bird can be found at this beach.
Galangal island and island birds.
Well here's the bestnya Belitung. can we visit the island via Tanjung Kelayang is by renting a fishing boat.
It takes approximately ½ hour to reach the island, in the way we can see huge granite boulders scattered in the ocean. And the shape was weird, its blue water, blue sky. Steady. If you are staring into the ocean, you will be amazed because in the sea also was a lot of boulders.
Arriving on the island his galangal, we will see a lighthouse that is still in operation today. This lighthouse height equivalent to a 12-story building, approximately 50 meters. If you wish, we can rise to the top of the lighthouse and experience the sensation of tired of climbing stairs that is sweating and struggling. But once you reach the peak fatigue was paid in cash, due from the top of this lighthouse can we see the incredible scenery.
Views of granite rocks that seemed to scattered its exterior. And blue ocean views wow who Settled
Oh yes for those who do not know the function of the lighthouse is to help the navigation of ships. The lighthouse is usually used to mark dangerous areas, such as reefs and shallow sea area. But along with technological developments, many ships that do not use the lighthouse, because it already uses the technology of GPS (global positioning satellite)
Coast Bird Bath. Is a white sand beach in Belitung, but which strangely does not encountered any such large granite stones in the high promontory or headland Kelayang. On this beach we can also find shops that sell young coconut, Beach was named the bird bath because the beach is close to the mountain bird bath.

Bird bath near the beach there is a monastery kwan im. This monastery is very famous in Belitung. We even had time to chat with one of its leaders., He asked us "never see me" we shook our heads in unison, and then he said "I am often interviewed on TV, the monastery is often on TV", in the heart say "oh yes the time anyway "
In addition to the bird bath and beach kwan im monastery, there is one place that must be visited in Belitung because of its very close. That is shore rocky hill. Still the same as other beaches can we meet the white sand and a large granite stone. But the difference near the beach there are rocks like a rock on top of the hill where there is a gazebo for relaxing. And looking at the sea from a height. Here also there is a restaurant.

And the last roads to the coast should see the sunset, the most fitting place to see sunset at the beach headland belitung is pandan - Belitung. Because the beach is right facing west. This beach is also very close to the town of Tanjung Pandan, can be reached within 5 minutes from downtown. This beach dikala morning will subside, but will plug disore day.

The distance from the city of Tanjung Pandan (Belitung) to several tourist attractions

Tanjung Pandan - Cape Kelayang 27 KM
Tanjung Pandan - Cape High 31 KM
Tanjung Pandan - Cape buried 2 KM
Tanjung Pandan - PantaiBurung Bath 80 KM

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