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Ciremai Mountain.Indonesia.

Friday, October 21, 2011

hy all for those of you who like to climb.
I want to give information about the Great Mount In Indonesia.
yes even though I can this information from the media TV, I want you to know also with this mountain.
I'll give a little information about the Mount

Ciremai mountain is the highest mountain in West Java (3078 masl), can be seen clearly by the passenger train or other public vehicle along the path pantura around Cirebon. To get to the top of Ciremei there are 3 lines that can be taken that path Majalengka Palutungan lane and lane Linggarjati. Linggarjati pathway is the most rugged and toughest, but this pathway is the most frequently traveled climber.

Mount Ceremai have distinctive when compared with other mountains on the
island of Java. The mountain is located far apart from other high mountain and the sides are the Java Sea. Travel to G. Ceremai can be started from the terminal Cirebon, ride the bus to Brass and get off at Cilimus. From Cilimus we continued with the Colts vehicle or motorcycle taxi to the village Linggarjati.

In the village Linggarjati, we can stay at the Hotel Linggarjati. From the hotel we continue the journey Linggarjati manuscript through the building to the west until about Linggarjati Village Hall. Here we see someone of former caretaker climber or rather, an experienced named Mr. Ahmad, who because of age he is now experiencing vision problems. Photo of mountain caretaker Ciremai respected.

From here we walk straight and will meet the pine forest, then we will arrive at the fork, called Cibunar. In this place we can set up a tent because the available springs. The journey continues by selecting the path to the left towards the top of the mountain Ciremai. 5 hours later we will see a large rock, whose location made POS breaks called Watu Linga. From the Linga to the summit (crater) taken in 2-3 hour drive through the woods and rocks rock. From the top to the right we can directly into the crater of sulfur which takes about 1 hour drive. To take a peak around 2 ½ hours, we can see interesting sights towards the town of Majalengka, Bandung, Java Sea and others. Down from the top to the village Linggarjati taken within 3-4 hours.

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