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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

hy all
for those who like to collect any unique goods from Indonesia
so maybe this stuff you often find in Java.
want to know what items and whether unique or not?
but I am sure you would love to see this item
Keris is something that very closely, especially with Javanese culture. In the "Legend of Java" is said, that to be a true man, then someone must have five things, namely: an heirloom kris; a horse; pet birds; a woman and a house.

Kris in Javanese culture is seen and treated as a "symbol" and also "status" for the owner, rather than as a "killer tool" (Martial Weapon). Almost every aristocratic Javanese family, you can bet they have a Kris Family Heritage, which has a typical efficacy-efficacy. Owning a Heritage Keris, requires one to meet a variety of rituals, one of which is a ritual bathing the keris, which is generally carried out every year and it depends completely to the respective owners, how they are in doing so.

Complicating the issue of the keris is also not easily result in ownership of the keris issue for someone, who was not as easy to have other personal items. To have a dagger that contains cultural meaning, requires someone to do some rituals, to ascertain whether the keris is "paired" with sipemilik and how the subsequent maintenance expected by the si-Keris.

Front view of building Keris Museum located at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
Moving his hand a dagger is not marked with a fistful of money perpindah hand. Like the person who will perform the marriage, the union between a dagger with a new owner, is marked by a "dowry" or "Mas Kawin" agreed by both parties, including the-Keris, through a "medium". Problems can result in very serious, because if the-Keris can not accept a new owner, then it can be fatal for the new sipemilik.

The complexity of this issue including how kris bears the si-Keris. It depends penyandangnya for the sake of what? If all the problems of ritual is ignored, it will only lead to si-Keris is upset and when it's so, it is a harmonious atmosphere between the owners, Kris and become distracted and misfortune could have happened.!

Keris complex world problems seems to also cause a difference of opinion about where the origin of the word "Kris" come from? In the book "Encyclopedia Keris" sold dimuseum Keris, Kris explained that the first word found on a bronze plate with the inscription "sharps" which is found around the year 825, the village Karangtengah. That said, the next word "crunch" that is the forerunner of the word "KERIS" we know today, with all sorts of mysteries.

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