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Lake Laut Tawar,Aceh,Indonesia.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pleasure when visiting a beautiful lake.
today I will give a tourist he Aceh is on the lake. want to know what?                                                                                           
Fresh Sea Lake is a lake and a tourist area located in the Gayo highlands, Central Aceh District, Aceh. extent of approximately 5472 acres with a length of 17 km and width of 3.219 km. volume of water approximately 2.537.483.884m3 (2.5 trillion liters).
Sea Fresh has 25 lakes Krueng with a total discharge flow of water approximately 10 043 liters per second with the highest average depth is 51.13 meters and 2.92 meters high brightness in the middle of the lake. the higher the brightness the more clear.
There are several fauna that live in
lakes Sea Fresh namely, 3 types Molusca, an annelid species, 37 species of fish and 49 species of insects while for the animals that live around the lake found 20 species of mammals are divided into 13 families, including some protected animals, between Another binturung, pussy, tringgiling, porcupines, deer, Napu, gibbon, gibbons, tanado, tigers, jungle cats, deer, and antelope.

The existence of Fresh Sea Lake became the pride of the people of Aceh. He is a natural tourist attraction visited by many domestic and foreign tourists. The lake is a source of water is used not only by people in Central Aceh District, but also by people in other districts.
Circulating traditional story about fish depik Gayo society, shaped like a slender, scaly fish gleaming white with hands the size of a thumb that live in Lake Sea Fresh. The story, depik derived from rice grains are discharged into the lake. He will come to the surface at certain seasons, especially during the rainy season. Before the season arrives, depik gang hiding in the south of the lake, at the foot of Mount Bur Kelieten. Depik is a gift from God to the people Gayo, though constantly consumed, he never runs out.

Two hills that flank this lake, the more shows the beauty of the lake. The unification of the waters and plains gives many sources of livelihood for the community, especially around the Gayo highlands. Designation because of the vast sea as the sea and as fresh as the water is not salty. She offered water saving many flora and fauna, one of the most famous being depik fish species of fish which is found only in Lake Sea Fresh.
At this location visitors can see the people who grow crops and fishing. An activity that has become part of everyday life in communities around the lake. Commodity grown in the Gayo highlands, among others, are Gayo coffee (arabica coffee) is very popular in Japan, potatoes, passion fruit, tomatoes, peppers, corn, and vegetables. The results are quite famous plantation commodities are Gayo tangerines and avocados.

This quiet lake is located east of the City Takengon, in the Gayo highlands (1,250 meters above sea level), District Lot of Fresh, the Province of Aceh. It is the largest lake in Aceh Province with an area of ​​approximately 5472 ha, about 17 km length and width of 5.5 km.

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