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Linow Lake,Manado,Indonesia.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

hy all .......
pemdanngan you like the lake?
I guess you really like it.
do not kwatir this time I'll give a little information on tourist attractions Manado is a lake with water that is very intriguing and lake scenery.
let us read together
The lake is located in the city Linow Tomohon, Manado, North Sulawesi. To reach Lake Linow, the terrain is not heavy, it is still easily reached by four wheel drive vehicles.
Scenery around Lake Linow is very interesting, so it is not surprising when used as an arena of photo retrieval prewedding. Just the ticket ya really rather expensive, if not wrong a Rp 25,000, -.
Linow lake, covering an area of ​​approximately 34 ha, when the afternoon sun, the colors of the
rainbow mejikuhibiniu tub lake water, because it contains high levels of sulfur, and reflect sunlight. At the time I visit there, already late afternoon, about 14:30, where the water turns green enchanting lake.
Around the lake overgrown with pine trees needles and a variety of colorful flowers, there are hibiscus pink, white, red stacks, flower lady host, and various other flowers. The impression arises first time here, the place is very quiet, good for kongkow-kongkow. Moreover, there cafenya in around the lake, which provides a mix of coffee drinks plus a banquet of bread and fried bananas dipped in sauce. Had fantasized .... ya no sellers try meatballs here definitely adds nice
Near the cafe there are seats ditarauh over a wooden bridge, so that visitors can sit here enjoying a relaxing breath of breezy lake and beautiful lake views. Lake Linow springs can also be seen from the lake, so that visitors will see the incredible sensation of this lake. Contour of the land is good with a variety of plants that add manicured beauty of this lake seputaran location. To reach the lake, visitors will pass through the stone walkway and staircase-steps neatly trimmed grass. This place is certainly very enjoyable, especially for the photos.

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