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Singgalang Mountain ,Indonesia.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

hy all this time I will post about the mountain in Indonesia frequented by foreign climbers atauapun domestic
yes this post I can from blogwalking because I was interested so I post on my blog ..
I hope this info is useful for us all
Mount Singgalang located adjacent to two other mountains, namely Mt Tandikek on the same section and Mount Merapi in other parts.
One of the privileges possessed by the Goddess of Mount Singgalang is the lake, which is located at an altitude of 2762 masl with an area of ​​about 1 ha. Besides the clear water, the area around the lake can be used as a place to stay for the climbers.

To reach New Koto as the starting point of the climb, you can use from Padang Bukittinggi Bus majors, which can be found in Terminal Regional Bingkuang, AIE Pacah, with the cost of Rp 8,000, - some of which ANS and the NPM and the long journey around 2 hours.

Meanwhile, for those of you who want to ride the route Salimparik, you must go down in the area of ​​Padang Lua (after that of New Koto Padang).

Routes Travel / Ascent
From Padang to Koto Baru, in the market Kotobaru [intersection clever Sikek] waiting transportation to the village promontory, from here (as a starting point for climbing) takes about 2 hours walk to Pesanggrahan (now beside Tower RCTI), which is also the place to report the climb. You can also use rural transportation (commonly called the Cigak Baruak) Carry the form.

To go to the lake or to the top of Mount Goddess Singgalang (Pillar), no longer difficult to find a travel guide, with the poles attached to the tower RCTI in Pilar. For me, the electricity pole damaging and destroying the beauty that exists, and also make the journey became very boring, when added to the clues "fad" that is placed on the utility pole. "50 pole again, the peak". "10 pole again, the peak". Crazy! instead of enjoying the journey and the beauty that has been corrupted by power lines, we are even so busy counting the electricity pole which we passed.

For those of you who prefer a quiet route and rarely passed by other climbers and unspoiled scenery, you can use the route from Salimparik, River Tanang (myself probably advise you to go up Mount Singgalang of this route, more comfortable and more sloping , although it took a longer time when compared to the New Koto).

From the intersection of Foreign Padang (Padang Foreign Market), you can ride to the rustic hamlet Salimparik with the cost of Rp 1,500, - and get off at the end of the road boundary, where the car will turn again to the bottom.

If you do not want to climb at night, climbing should be done no later than at 13.00, where a leisurely trip takes about 3 hours to the bivouac I. Before heading to the bivouac I (approximately 15 m before the bivouac I, we will cut the flow of the river (moving ridge), which is a source of water during our stay in this area.

If you intend to ride in the morning (around 09.00), you can reach the bivouac II (about 16:00). In this area, if you want, many forest plants can eat, such as elephant ferns, begonias, strawberries, and other several other plants.

From the bivouac II, when the leave around at 09.00, with a leisurely stroll you will arrive at Rock around 13:00. To get into the rock, from the previous route you will meet a crossroads (both roads are equally leads to the Lake Goddess, so you can choose the route you prefer). For routes that lead to the right, then the distance of about 10 m you will arrive at the rock, and 100 m from there back into the forest that leads to the Lake Goddess.

Sources of Water
To route from Salimparik, springs can be used are the tributaries that even in drought conditions are still fed by the water. At the bivouac I (a place to sleep that can be used on the trip), the source of water is the flow of water in the valley which we crossed on the way. While on bivouac II, the source water is the same water flow at the bivouac I, but to achieve it down a little way down, about 10 m to the left lane.

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