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Sigale-Gale,North Sumatera,Indonesia.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

hy all .... how are you today.
this time I will make a post about something unique in my opinion.
This story came from North Sumatra where the fund is also a popular tourist spot in northern Sumatra
Sigale-Gale, wooden sculptures that can dance (manortor), found only in Samosir (Tomok-Simanindo). Said to be the reincarnation of King Rahat child who died because of illness. Rahat sad King then fell ill and asked his aides to make the statue as a memorial, a supernatural power is moved to dance.

Another version of the origin of the Statue of Sigale-Gale is reportedly a shaman named Datu Partaoar eager to have a boy or a girl. One time he found a beautiful statue in the middle of the woods, just like a girl whose body was wrapped cloth and earrings. He then took the girl after the turn of the statue
to be human.
His wife is also hoping against hope for is to have descendants gave her name with the name of Nai Manggale. She became the girl who loved the people for its mild. One time he got life companion. But like his mother, he can not biologically producing children. She also said her husband called to order Datu Partiktik sculptor to make a sculpture that can dance on the side of his body later. The statue is named Sigale-Gale. Based on that version would dance Sigale-Gale had been found by pairing male and female.

Sigale-Gale can etymologically means "graceful". Thus the impression of actually seeing the doll dance Sigale-Gale. Either maybe they were twins. The boy's name and the woman named Nai Manggale Manggale.

This doll will feature dance at funerals, named Tor-tor Si Gale-gale. The goal is to eliminate bad karma because of disappointment that the deceased died without a chance to have offspring. Batak people have confidence, if a person dies without children, especially boys, it will be disastrous for his soul to wander without any family who prayed for him. In accordance with local beliefs, after the funeral, The Gale-gale should be destroyed.

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