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Simarjarunjung,North Sumatera.Indonesia.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

hy all. this time I want to post about the real story of my life.
but this article I get when my browser a few days ago. yes we experience almost sama.hanya place closer to home than my house.
yes some of this information may be useful for us semua.dan know the beauty that already Vanish simply because the access roads and facilities that do not support but very unfortunate.
ok we just read Experience from Henriwani Sihaloho
Simarjarunjung is the name of a mountain near my hometown.
My hometown named Undo Panei. The distance to the Simarjarunjung about 3 km, so it can walk or bike ride to get there.
The road uphill if we depart from the direction of Undo Panei to Simarjarunjung and vice versa.
When I was little, me and my friends used to see large buses carrying foreign tourists.
If we are near the highway, the tourists were like waving at us. We are also pleased waved their hands.
There are times when they stopped at the bridge near the river not far from our home. They were happy to take
We are partially still runny. We do not understand what was said by the tourists.
Even more funny anymore, there's my friend who every time I had to hide fear; he ran down the bridge because he was afraid to take the tourists. This is especially when the tourist bus stops and riding a small size. The tourists liked to give a colorful candy at us. If there is no candy, they also want to give a pen. It makes us very happy.

View of the Lake Toba from page Siantar Hotels Restaurants Simajarunjung. (Photo HS)
Unfortunately, today no more tourists passing through from the Undo Panei. First, they used to pass through my village, including riding a bike. They used to come from the direction towards Parapat Brastagi, Lake Toba. Highway in my hometown is a cross-roads for the tourists. Until now it is so, only, the number of tourists had slipped so far than when I was a kid .
it's all true and it never occurred to me Himself.
it was too little time I can often be candy and clothes from abroad pelancon by providing free of charge

I hope that place is much visited again

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