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Sinabung Mountain,North Sumatera.Indonesia.

Friday, October 7, 2011

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Panoramic mountaintop Sinabung no less beautiful, the second highest peak in northern Sumatra (SUMUT) it has a height of 2451 m.dpl. One of the volcanoes are located in North Sumatra Province, berkakikan a lake that is Lake Lau Kawar.
Lake Lau Kawar has a natural charm that is so stunning as the lake was much less guarded Lancuk peak. Lancuk is one of the high peaks of neighboring mountains Karo Sinabung. Sinabung is a type of volcano Strato or layered.

Sinabung mountain climbing is the right choice to eliminate boredom. Throughout the ascent to the summit was found a beautiful natural tropical forests. Expanse of overgrown fields of population vegetables, fruits and flowers are colorful.
On the way in the forest, we also will feel the distinctive smell of the leaves and trees that will be encountered in tropical forests. In addition, we will hear the chirping of the birds that once seduced us to observe more closely by using binoculars (binoculars). Almost reached the top weight going through the challenges of the trail left-right rock jurangnya quite steep.

Peak Stone Segal
Mount which has a beautiful valley carved from one ridge to another ridge, has one of the most challenging peaks, the peaks Stone Segal. Reportedly the name "Stone Segal" is given by the Elders of Karo around the foot of the mountain. The peak is shaped towering stone pillars.

Not to mention the charm of loyal Sinabung crater spewing steam. The crater was named, Crater Rock Sigala. Reportedly crater save a million mysteries untold until now. While at the peak is quite broad and steep.

Peak seen the beauty of the east side of Lake Toba and the distant city of Medan. The west, lau Kawar lake beauty and expanse of houses around the base of the mountain. From the mountain peaks visible stature Sibayak and lined the beautiful mountains of Bukit row. Being at the peak temperatures usually average 15 degrees centigrade.

Status Sinabung
Sinabung administratively included in the Province of North Sumatra, Karo regency located at Simpang four districts. Legged mountain lake was still joined in the Leuser Ecosystem (KEL). Forests owned by a protected forest Sinabung natural forested mountains are incorporated in the Bukit Barisan Tahura (BB).

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