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Sirih (Piper Betle)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

hy all.
this time I will post something interesting in my opinion.
a few months ago I was into the northern Sumatra region,
and makes me want to know about it.
yes it is the leaves that are useful and can cure the disease.
because I want to know what, I finally surf the internet about it
and I will share what I get for my Readers
Betel is native to Indonesia are growing vines or leaning on another tree . As the culture of leaves and fruit commonly eaten by chewing with gambier, betel nut and lime. However, betel chewing has been associated with oral cancer and squamous cell carcinoma formation that is malignant.
Betel is used as a medicinal plant (phytopharmaca); very important role in the life and various ceremonial Malay.

 The characteristics of stem, leaf, and flower / fruit

These vines can reach height of 15 m. Betel stems greenish brown, round, segmented and is the root of the discharge. A single heart-shaped leaves, pointed, grow alternately, stemmed, and smell the odor when crushed. Length is about 5-8 cm wide and 2-5 cm. The flowers compound leaf-shaped ears and there are protective of ± 1 mm elliptical. In males grain length is about 1.5 to 3 cm and there are two short stamens in the ears of female length is about 1.5 - 6 cm where there is the stigma of three to five pieces of white and yellowish green. The fruit is round-shaped fruit Buni grayish green. Its roots riding, round and golden brown.

Betel leaf
 Ingredients and benefits
Essential oil of betel leaf oil contains fly (betIephenol), seskuiterpen, starch, diatase, sugar and tannic substances and who have the power kavikol deadly germs, antioksidasi and fungicides, anti-fungal. Betel efficacious eliminate body odor caused bacteria and fungi. Betel leaf is also restrain bleeding, heal wounds on the skin, and gastrointestinal disorders. It also is wrinkled, removing phlegm, saliva shed, hemostatic, and stop the bleeding. Usually for a bloody nose medicine, used 2 pieces of fresh Piper betle leaves, washed, rolled then inserted into the nostrils. In addition, the active ingredient phenol and kavikol betel leaf forests can also be used as a pesticide to control plant-sucking pests .

Toothache due to cavities (leaves)
Scarlet fever
Bad breath
Irregular menstruation
Sore throat (leaf and oil)
Swollen gum (sap)
Cleaning the eyes
Underarm odor

 Use of outer
Ulceration (pyodermi)
Ringworm of the feet
Sore eyes
Bleeding gums
Reduce excessive milk production
Eliminates itching

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