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Telaga Dewi (Lake Goddess).Indonesia.

Monday, October 24, 2011

hy all this time I will post the story from a friend we have been to the place.
the place is so nice and fresh,
let us read together

Surface of the lake water is very calm and very cold temperatures, and feels very lonely. Lake Goddess is  2760 meters above sea level. The extent of about 1 hectare. When you arrive at this lake, it means that actually was at the peak Singgalang, although the actual peak was still another hour ascent.

Typically, many climbers who set up camp around the lake, because the availability of fresh water is very abundant. Goddess is a former crater lake that when it Singgalang Mount Merapi, is still active. And the bright air, only occasionally.

And when the fog subsided, we quickly decided to leave the Lake Goddess is up the hill Singgalang. Compared to the three tracks that we've been through, the last track is likely to be easier.

No more strenuous steep incline, only to be vigilant because this pathway and the number of mossy fallen tree trunk and overlapping. Here was remarkable moss plants bushy and wide. As scene here took us through the passage of time and arrive on the tundra in the era of ancient times, millions of years ago. Biopita or this moss, played a role in soil formation.

What is interesting in this peak is the lack of sunlight due to the trees blocked the meeting, so that the moist air and a suitable place for the growth of moss. Moss is a unique plant. Capable of doing fotosinthesa quickly without requiring the help of a lot of sunlight.

But in addition to beautiful and amazing, areal extent of the moss is able to plunge in mainland endless. Because visibility is disguised by a land that looks the same. And here, the final ascent We, the peak of Mount Singgalang. After climbing more than 8 hours, since the clever Sikek, we managed to set foot in height of 2877 meters.

Tiredness disappeared immediately when it is at the top. No more trees and rocks, which obstruct the view. The air is very cold, even according to the guide, at certain moments could reach 5 degrees Celsius.

From the surface is not too large, the views of City Hill and Canyon High Sianok be very interesting. From here also we can see the summit of Mount Merapi, which seemed to stand as tall as Mount Singgalang. Just as Mount Merapi in Java, Sumatra, Mount Merapi is still active. From the top of this Singgalang, we could see a thin smoke out of the crater. We were staying overnight at the peak Singgalang. And that was a memorable night

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