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Tondano Lake,Indonesia.

Monday, October 31, 2011

yes yes good it feels to post again.
I finally found an article on a lake in Indonesia.
I am interested in the sights that is provided by the lake so I want to share with my readers
Tondano Lake is a beautiful lake which is located 600m above sea level surrounded by mountains which have an average height of 700 meters so that its shape resembles a bird's nest, where many people come for day trips to enjoy the cool mountain air.

Tondano Lake is located approximately 36 miles from the city of Manado or 1 hour by public transportation.
Tondano Lake is the largest lake in
North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. The lake is flanked by Lembean Mountains, Mount Kaweng, Tampusu Hill, and Mount Masarang. The lake is circled by roads linking the provinces and cities Tondano, Tondano Eastern District, District Eris, Kakas District, District Remboken, and the District of South Tondano. This lake is a freshwater fish producing lake fish such as tilapia, pior / kabos, payangka wiko (small shrimp), Nike and others.

Lake area is 4.278ha, and there is a small island called Likri (front of the village district Tandengan Eris). On the shores of Lake Mountain Kaweng Tondano obvious. It is said that this lake because of violent eruptions occur because there is the story of a pair of human beings of the opposite sex parents violates the prohibition to marry (Minahasa language: Kaweng) with a daring escape (tumingkas) in the forest. As a result of violating counsel parents the twin mountain erupted into lakes Kaweng so Tondano.

Lake Tondano has the famous sights "Sumaru Endo" Remboken, and Pine Hill Resort (Tondano direction Toliang Oki). From the banks of the lake Tondano (Toliang Oki), we can cross over the top of Mount Lembean and look at the beauty of Maluku Sea (east), precisely the area Tondano Pante (District Kombi), Minahasa regency.

The roads around the lake Tondano presenting captivating and soothing panorama. Tondano widely available around the lake restaurant with a menu of fresh fish can reply direct messages, catch and cook on the spot. Sit back enjoy the fresh fish dishes while enjoying the nice  panoramic .

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