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Ask for your opinion

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

hey all my loyal Readers ...
at this moment I do not post the sights but on this occasion I would ask my opinion of all readers,
yes this is like the pros and cons.
we all know that to travel takes time, money, and others.
There are also people who do not like to travel for fear there is danger in the sights. yes all the different opinions of different people so we can not impose their will.

I personally think travel has helped me to relax even if only temporary, and travel also makes us aware of different things that we meet at the place we go is not it? and it was a special experience for ourselves or others.and I've heard from someone that the travel can make a long life, whether it's true or not? yes you can believe it or not.

I here want to ask your opinion about travel and what to travel to you.
if you have time please send your comments to my email address is
or letakakkan your comments in the comments field
so and accepted the love
Love travel
Take care of our Earth from Global Warming.
Thank you for visited Us, Leave your Comment and Don't Forget to Share :) *Nakarasido Hita*
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