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Waterfall Bantimurung,Indonesia.

Monday, November 28, 2011

if you include travel enthusiasts waterfall?
if yes, you should know where the waterfall tour in Indonesia.
I'll give ya a little info about terjung water attractions in Indonesia.
ok let's read together with the tourist info
Bantimurung Waterfall, one of the sights visited in South Sulawesi, especially the time off. Bantimurung waterfall tourist attraction is located in the City of Maros, more or less within 140 km from Makassar in South Sulawesi Province. and can be reached by public transportation.
Before You Sign on area attractions Bantimurung waterfall, you are greeted by monkey magic monument, and souvenir sellers sederatan Bantimurung (butterflies in the preserve) and the shop / coffee shop and local specialty foods.
If you want to enjoy the beauty and
coolness of Natural mountains and chirping birds and colorful butterflies are flying, come at a time when not on vacation.
The specialty of this region is bathing under a waterfall running right, above the giant rock slide while bersilancar using buoy natural bathing pool gets underneath, you can also bathe in some artificial ponds natural mountain spring water is very cool.
Go to the source of the waterfall about 100 yards through the edge of the cliff of the mountain with the stone stairs, bathing and swimming disumber waterfall is like a giant bath with natural dikolam Diding mountain cliffs, verdant surrounding shady trees interspersed with chirping sounds of birds and partridges, occasionally audible reply Bantimurung monkeys from a distance.
In tourist areas there are butterfly conservation center .. the largest in Indonesia. fun is not it?
worth to visit :)

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