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Guntur Mountain,Indonesia.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

back on giving out your article on the mountain at all.
yes the news is suitable for those of you who want to climb a mountain in Indonesia. but the mountain is different from other mountains.
we just read together.
Thunder mountain has a height of 2249 masl. Is one active volcano in Garut district. Mountain climber was first climbed by nationality Prussia - Germany, Frans Junghun in 1837. At that time Junghun put this mountain on mountain groups - the most active volcanoes in Java. This mountain has two springs, the hot springs that flow into Cipanas which is then used as a tourist Cipanas baths, and one source of cold water that flows into streams citiis waterfall.

Thunder mountain is not like the mountains in other tropical areas. This mountain actually looks barren and arid. Any path is dominated by savanna and small rock pebbles rest letusan.jarang we find large tree along the trajectory of ascent that we can use for shelter. Especially on the path past the waterfall citiis. The arid and arid terrain makes thunder mountain is better known for its wild weather. Wind pressure and temperature of hot air, can even say vicious. I personally climb this mountain in June 2008.

To climb the mountain thunder, we can through the waterfall citiis, citiis residing in the village, district Tarogong Kaler, Garut. This route is the shortest and easiest path is found by Frans Junghun. This pathway in addition to passing a waterfall or waterfall citiis, you are also going through citiis sand mining sites operating since the 1960s.

To reach the village citiis, you who can take a bus from Jakarta majoring in arrowroot. There are two alternatives here, you can ride the bus Jakarta - arrowroot Cipularang passing through the toll, get off at the terminal arrowroot, and ride public transportation Cipanas majors, get off at the village gate citiis, with a shorter travel time. Or it could also take the bus via the top majors arrowroot, and went down in the village gate citiis. But with a hefty travel time is longer

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