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Lake Limboto.Gorontallo.Indonesia.

Monday, November 21, 2011

wooooww have not talked about the lake
this time we will discusses about a lake that is located in Gorontalo
want to know what kind?
let us read his info
Limboto lake located between the two mainland and the city of Gorontalo Gorontalo district covering four districts, namely District Limboto, Lake, Blue Lake, Batuda'a, and West Town. The lake is included in the administrative district Limboto.

From Airport Jalaludin Gorontalo, Limboto Lake can be reached in 45 minutes by motorized vehicles. Other access can be passed from Gorontalo City Centre via the Trans-Bongomeme Batudaa. Located about 2 km, the most fun to use Bentor, which is one of the many available modes of transportation in the city of Gorontalo.

According to the Fisheries Department District Branch of Gorontalo (2000), Limboto Lake area in 1999 ranged between 1900-3000 ha, with a depth of 2-4 meters. In fact in 1932, wide waters reached 7000 ha. Lake water depth Limboto at that time used as a place amphibious landing of the aircraft type. Recorded the first President, Sukarno during his visit to Gorontalo, utilizing Lake Limboto as a landing site. The incident was immortalized by constructing a warning on the shores of Lake Monument, which is maintained until the present.

According to the narrative story, Limboto Lake was once a vast expanse of ocean. There are two adjoining mountain, namely Mount and Mount Tilongkabila Boliohuto. Until now, the lake has become one tourist attraction in Gorontalo. This lake is also part of the history of Gorontalo. Where in this lake early history of the establishment of peace in society Gorontalo, when the seventeenth century, when King and King Gorontalo Limboto Popa Eyato end the war by removing the ring in the lake.

Near this lake, there is also a historic fort. Otonaha fort. Situated on a hill in the Village Dembe I, West Town, the fort which was built in 1522 during Portugal Exploring the archipelago nation. The beauty of Lake Limboto very clear, if we look at it from above Fort Otanaha.

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