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Lake Paniai,Papua,Indonesia.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

yea yea it was nice being able to post again
this time I will invite my loyal readers to walk the path to papua
I will give you info about the experience of travel in one by one
ok well this time I give info about the lake
Lake Paniai is the best and most beautiful lake in the whole world that is expressed by the 157 countries in the world lake owners on the World Lake Conference in India on November 30, 2007.
Paniai lake covering an area of ​​14,500 ha, located at an altitude of 7500 meters above sea level it is still a natural condition, around the lake stored values ​​of the local cultural arts community cultural arts Mee Tribes
and Tribal Moni.

Locations in the Lake District Paniai Paniai positioned at the center in the interior mountains of Papua Province, besides Paniai District has a natural potential gold mine, forest, nature and cultural tourism, the region of Lake Tage and Tigi Lake. This natural tourist sites spread across several of the Lake District and Lake Paniai Paniai Tage in the East and the Lake District in the District Tage Paniai while East Lake in District Tigi Tigi. With a third of the region's tourist sites became the pride of the whole community and Waghete Enarotali Paniai District

Paniai the famous lake has a lively panorama of nature, natural, and well maintained.
At first, Paniai Lake and Lake and Lake Tigi named Tage Meeren Wissel. The name of the person who first discovered these three beautiful lakes in 1938, which is a Dutch pilot
Special, exotic, and fascinating. This exotic lake presents a lively panorama of nature, the blue lake water, and atmosphere around nan beautiful to every tourist who visit there. There are rocks and sand on the banks of the lake, and surrounded by cliffs are quite high, Most of the topography Paniai District located in the mountains and hills which cool air, although Paniai Lake is located in the altitude, Lake Paniai store various types of freshwater fish and shrimp. Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus), java tilapia fish (Oreochromis mossambicus), carp / carp (Cyprinus carpio), nine black fish, eels and fish (synbranchus), The rainbow fish (rainbow / Melanotaenia ayamaruensis) is a frequent Paniai lake biota sought by the fishermen and fish hobbyists because of high economic value.
If lucky, in Lake Paniai tourists can see the shrimp endemic to Papua, which is now already scarce, namely shrimp affair (Cherax albertisii).

Besides enjoying the exoticism of the lakeside of Lake Paniai, travelers can try another setting, such as fishing or rent a boat to the residents around the area around the lake for it, but enjoy the blue lake and the rush of water that split speed of boats, can see the plants contained in this lake , such as water hyacinth (eichhmia crassipes), algae (algae), and so forth. Coming to sunset, Lake Paniai increasingly alluring exoticism. Fishing boat pulled up and started passing speedboat from behind the hills, and overlaid by small birds that flew low and occasionally grabbing water.
Access to Lake Paniai, can begin the journey from the City Enarotali, Paniai Capital District. From City Enarotali, there are two routes to Paniai Lakes region. First, use a landline with a rented bus, Second, take the path of the air with a Cessna type plane ride that could land on the plateau region with the characteristics of the soil foundation.
In the area of ​​Lake Paniai available various facilities such as hotels, tours pemndu, shops etc.

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